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Need your advice on Paxil PLEASE!! Think i'm allergic??

Ok, i'll keep this short but basically over the last several months since i have become ill again with panic, anxiety and agoraphobia my GP and now my Psychiatrist is trying to get me back on an anti-d....  I was on Paxil 20mg for 13yrs came off in March 09.

I have tried twice to get back on Paxil/Paroxatine and my body goes into meltdown, my nervous system becomes soooo overly stimulated that i have severe and i mean severe panic attacks, with climbing the walls for endless hours.
Have tried Sertaline, Venaflaxine, Citlatopram, Escitlatopram and all give me unbareable side-effects.  My GP calls me sensitive, that he thinks i may have developed an intolerance to SSRI and SNRI's.....

But my psychiatrist now wants me to try Paxil 5mg again, so last night i decided to cut it in half and only take 2 n half mg and this is what happened.... about 10mins after i took it i had a big head rush, followed by coming over very hot and came out in a sweat all over my body.  I jumped up from my bed and went to the toilet and put cold water on my face and when i looked in the mirror my pupils had got very big and were increasing in size and decreasing very irratically...like big, small, big, small...... I went and laid back down and i felt just extremely jumpy, and kinda high.  I finally fell asleep but i was tossing and turning all night and was very restless.... kept having panicky feelings and had a weird kinda nightmare.  Woke this morning very disheartened and feeling alot better but am just wondering if i am just plain allergic to these tablets.....

I feel lucky i didn't take the 5mg or even 10mg otherwise i think i proberly would of collasped.......ppppffffff

What does it sound like to you guys????? Please let me know your opinion...

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Sounds to me like you need to ditch the Physc, and stick with your reg. Dr.

Thats pretty bad when a regular Dr. Knows more then a Physc. Dr.

I agree about the sensativity, and it definently sounds like your brain has enough seritonin.
What you said about your pupils is a clear indicator that your brain doesnt need anything "upping" the seritonin
Sounds to me like it might need something "upping" the GABA.
Have you ever been on anything else?
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Hi, well i'm on Propanalol 40mg x 2 times daily, which helps my GAD enormously, other than that not really, my GP did give me several months ago now Diazipam 2mg but said it was a one off prescription due to being a highly addictive drug, so i only take it when i'm climbing the walls...literally.  Erm, also my GP tried me on Risperidone an anti-psychotic to calm my anxiety, which does work but leaves me feeling like total poo once it wears off....so i stopped taking that.  

I'm also having CBT which doesn't seem to be working so i'm fast running out of ideas and losing hope. I'm only depressed because i'm unable to stop panicking everytime i go out which is causing severe agoraphobia.......

Don't know hat else to do?????  Do you have any suggestions????  Ohh and thank-you are replying.... what you have just told me actually has helped, i think i need to tell that to my psychriatic nurse.....
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Hi Julie. I used biofeedback therapy several years ago with great success when I suffered from anxiety. I would look into it if I were you. Good luck and feel better!
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Heya Julie!  I'm sorry you are having such a rough time!

Let me ask you something....when you noticed the strange changes with your pupils, was the light changing in the room at all?  Was the change occuring as you looked continously in the mirror, without changing the light, or without blinking?  Reason I ask is b/c our pupils are supposed to react with light...they become very large (dilated) in the dark (to allow us to see better) and constricted (very small) when exposed to light.  Even just the act of blinking many times can cause them to dilate then constrict.  If you noticed this without any light changes, etc...that is definitely odd, and something that warrants a call to your doc to discuss both the symptoms, and the Paxil.

Certainly sounds as though you don't tolerate the Paxil very well at all. Now, to label it an actual "allergy" is a little more complicated.  Either way, the verbiage isn't as important as staying away from the medication.  Remember to mention that to every Doctor,  Pharmacist, and medical facility you deal with so that it is in your medical record to avoid somehow you being inadvertently put back on it.

How are you feeling now?  Most of the effects dissipated I hope?  I'll be anxious to hear what the doc says...please be sure to update us, okay?  Hang in there!
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You can talk to your doctor about maybe trying Gabapentin ( Neurontin ) or Pregabalin ( Lyrica ). They are good mood stabilizers and proven efficient for anxiety but some people and especially women are sensitive to those as well. When we talk about ''upping your GABA'' they are the drugs of choice. If you are still sensitive to those meds maybe try to go for a natural solution like gamma-Aminobutyric acid ( GABA ) that can be bought in food supplement stores and see if it works.

Anyway those are all issues you will need to discuss with your doctor and don't take anything ''natural'' along with regular medications before talking with your doctor.

Best regards,
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Hiya Nursegirl, erm no the room was well lit and as soon as i looked in the mirror i straight away noticed how big my pupils were, as they normally are fairly restricted, so without blinking for about 30 seconds or so i just watched my pupils and they were dilating and restricting without any light changes, all i know is they got very big.  This seems to be the one thing that happened while trying to get onto the other anti-d's.... it happened with all of them actually, then i find if i continue to take them i get severe weakness in my legs and in a matter of 4 or 5 days my legs are so weak i can barely walk.... so i know from this the drugs are attacking my nervous system.  However the GP or the Psychiatrist will not for some reason see this as a connection with the drugs.....stupid ars* holes.  I even went into the doc's one time with crutches, limping like crazy and all they could ask is DID I FALL..... and put it down to a trapped nerve...i mean DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Anyway, sorry it just makes me mad that they don't seem to be taking what is happening to me as serious and just keep throwing these drugs at me, i feel like they are gona end up killing me before too long.......  However only now it seems my GP is beginning to understand but even still he is now offering instead of SSRI's and SNRI's he wants me to try Tryclic anti'd's..... which as far as i know carry far more side-effects than SSRI's...  All i know is this is making me crazy.
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Thankyou M4YOU i'm gona google these drugs and have a read.....  can i ask something though is Wellburtrin in the same family as GABA cause i've read up on this and it ani't a true anti-d like SSRI's it has more anxiety controlling properties i've seen... but the only thing that puts me off is that it can lower the thresh hold for seizures...and is known highly for this.  Otherwise i would of given that a go to..... does these other drugs do that?
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Personally i don't recommend Wellbutrin for your anxiety problem. Wellburtrin is a norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitor, and nicotinic antagonist. Dopamine surely boost the moral and norepinephrine is synthesized by dopamine but i personally don't think you're are going to tolerate it more since of your previous overreactions and you are right about seizures threshold and that would puts me off too.

Anyway those are issues that should be addressed with your doctors and my opinion stays the same about Lyrica or Neurotin. They are totally different from SSRIs and SNRIs and Wellbutrin is not so different from the SNRIs since it reuptake the norepinephrine inhibitors and an overreaction to a dopamine reuptake doesn't sounds good too. Chronic secretion of stress hormones, glucocorticoids and catecholamines may reduce the effect of neurotransmitters, including serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, or other receptors in the brain, thereby leading to the dysregulation of neurohormones.

Good luck,
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Thank-you, i spoke to my GP today, he reckons that my reaction to the Paroxatine might be due to the fact that becuase i have had bad reactions to some of the other anti-d's i have become so terrified of them that i am causing a reaction.  He reckons that my pupils reacting like that could just be a reaction to fear, he said that pupils do widen in a fear response to allow that much needed awareness and view of the surroundings...makes sense and is true.  He does make sense as since i had several bad reactions to previous SSRI's i am shi* scared of having another.  The mind is a powerful thing and i'm now just so utterly frustrated by the whole thing.

My psychiatric nurse is coming over tomorrow so i'm gona discuss it with her and see what she can come up with to help me relax about this whole situation.  Maybe i need some Valium or something for the first few weeks of taking it...
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I totally agree with you doctor and he seems to be a very good doctor because the fact that he talked to you about this rather than saying ''it's stress''.

Keep us posted regarding how it goes with the psy.

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Psychiatrists very seldom admit the downsides of these medications.  I'm not even sure if they care.  They consider actual patients to be merely anecdotal data and disregard it.  What I can say, and this is also purely anecdotal, is that people who are on ssris for a long time seem to have more problems quitting them and using them again than people who only use them for short time periods.  Whether this indicates some kind of subtle brain change, who knows?  Nobody's looking.  Tricyclics do have different side effects -- for me it was dry mouth, headaches, and constipation, among others -- but it might be better than what you're experiencing.  ssris have a lot of side effects, too.  As nursegirl said, it's not necessarily or even likely an allergy as much as your body not wanting to go back on that kind of med for whatever reason.  One of the reasons meds have side effects is that the body thinks they're toxic and fight them -- that's one of the reasons it takes years to develop a new med, getting it past the body's defenses.  We're not adapted to taking these substances, unlike plants and animals that have been around for centuries.  So it might also be that if you stayed on the med, the intense reaction would eventually dissipate, but you'll only find that out by going through it awhile, and it sounds pretty unpleasant.  As for GABA, again, MA, GABA is not considered well-absorbed as a supplement.  The best way to work on GABA is to take taurine and perhaps tyrosine, the amino acids that manufacture GABA in the body.  And research gabapentin carefully; it can be a difficult med.  Wellbutrin is a pure anti-depressant that often is very stimulating and wouldn't be a first line treatment for anxiety, though it might be combined with an ssri for some people.  And as for this being psychosomatic, I doubt that, I really do.  Trust your instincts.    
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While I'm a big proponent of meds, I agree not not enough attention is paid to the adverse effects, most specifically the discontinuation syndromes that SSRI's are famous for.  I also think that the severity of the withdrawals could be greatly reduced, if not eliminated all together for a great majority of people if only the docs properly tapered pt's off of these meds when the time comes to D/C them.

I always advocate for pt's in our facility when they are on these kinds of meds and stress to the MD the importance of a proper taper, some listen, some don't.

So, while I am always sensitive to "bad mouthing" meds or docs when it relates to someone's personal experiences, I couldn't agree more that this is a big problem, and that is sad when a lot of it could be easily avoidable if the meds were prescribed and discontinued properly each and every time.  That's why I am so glad that forums like this one exist, to help with educating people about these meds...both the good and the bad.
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