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Neighbors dog causing anxiety

My neighbor across my street got a yorkshire and it stays out in the front yard. it is new and it seems that they are ignorant and do not know anybetter.
Everytime I go outside it barks at me and this is causing me repetitive thoughts even when the varment is not barking.  Why in the world when people get a pet, they don;t take care of it and treat it like some toy. The girl (woman) is about 32 stay at home with 3 children type. They all stay up until midnight with children screaming at the top of lungs at 10:30, 11:30 and midnight. Now that preshcool or whatever is started - it seems that now she got that *(&*^& dog just to have another object of noise and distraction - it seems that this girl woman does not have the ability to just live without a 3 ring circus going on all the time. Maybe she is bored, she stays outside just about all day long - I never see her and her husband family go anywhere or do anything but stay at home outside in the front yard making racket all the time. So now the *&%&& dog - it is record hot temps and I really feel for the animal and besides this is bringing back my anxiety attacks when I was just getting to feeling some better.
I have had a very bad two months of recovering from a near Butrin Induced Erythema Multiforme - sever itching rash on palms and legs from allergic reation to wellbutrin and Nexium. I am finally getting my life back (thank the Lord), but why is it that I can not have any peace. WHy do people have to act like they don't think about the other people. I always think about other peoples feelings and are considerate about other people. It seems that I always get the morons. I am sorry about this rant, but who knows, maybe the girl across the street logs into this forum and maybe she will read this. If she does, all I can say is that BE considerate of other peoples lives and stop being so ignorant. SOrry folks for the RANT - I truely appologize, but I am on vacation this week and now I can't even walk out side in my front porch without being barked at. People like this do not like other people telling them what to do and then when they find out that somehting bothers you, then they do all they can then to make your life a H*(&&. Why do people act this way - i shall never know -
If someone on this forum "does" this to others, can you explain to me why do you want to agreevate people, especially when you know what agreevates. What causes people to want to be perpatrators? is there life just that miserble that they have to make others life a He&& ?
:( Donnie
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Have you thought about calling the cops? I dont know where you live, but we have a noise ordinance in my area. I had neighbors turned in before for their dog barking all day long. If it is causing you this much stress/anxiety, you need to do something about it. I would call them!! Best of luck to you!!!
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I was bit three times in my life by so called "friendly dogs" as the owners described them.  The last time I was bit was two yrs ago.  I was walking, minding my own business, a woman with a baby in the stroller and the dog tied to the stroller on a leash came the opposite way, I was neither looking at the dog, the woman or the baby, but that dog felt like he had to jump me and bite me in my lower arm.  I had to have several stitches.  15 yrs ago I was bit by a lake, again minding my own business, it was a stray dog and I had to have SEVENTEEN raby shots.

I know EXACTLY how you feel.  We had a dog next door barking his head off in front of a tree for hours whenever he saw a squirl or whatever in that tree.  Dogs bark all night.  The police wont come out.

Animal control, forget it!  When I was bit 2 yrs ago the first thing the animal control said to me "did you provoke him", and to the owner real soft and friendly "don't worry honey nothing will happen to your dog".

Unfortunately people have more sympathy for animals then for kids who were molested by a child molester.  Just look how some judges in this country treat these child molesters i.e. a slap on the wrist, no jail time, maybe community work.
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Thanks for understanding. I wrote the webmaster asking to have this post deleted afraid that it would offend someone. But there are some people that need their head slapped like really hard, and then to say - do you not have any sense folks?  Our police takes things very lightly around here - it is like an act of congress to get anything done. I don't feel like moving - it is too much stress. People DO get offended at the least mention of their beast barking - don't know why. I do know that the out of control animal is just an extension of who they are as a person. Sorry again for the rant.  
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Unfortunately lots of people want pets, especially dogs but are to lazy to train them.  For example people are to lazy to walk their dogs especially in the morning so they open their doors and let their dog/dogs go to the bathroom, and roam the neighborhood, that is how I got bit the first time.

As for letting the dogs bark outside endlessly at all hours of day and night these dog owners are SELFISH individuals who do NOT care who the barking of their dogs disturbs including disturbing peoples sleep.  They know that they have the police and animal control on their side.

Believe me I know what you are going through.
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When I was living in Austin I had this a apartment for a while that had super thin floors.  Seriously, I could hear my neighbor's telephone conversations through the freaking floor.  This was odd because the walls, windows, and everything else about the place was top of the line...built to condo spec.

Anyway, so this same neighbor lived in a 400 square foot apartment with a 60 pound puppy.  The guy worked nights.  The dog howled, whined and barked all night, almost every night.  You add this situation to panic disorder and you've got a real problem.

Every jurisdiction is different, but in Texas there are ways of dealing with it.  I got the problem taken care of.  If you happen to live in Texas let me know and I can help you out.

It's a problem that seems trivial to others, but it's definitely not.
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Folks, I really appreciate everyones feedback. It is a bit unusual for these people to be getting a dog since they have been living there now for about 6 years - I hope that it is just a boredom phase they (younger gen) is going thru across the street. I will have to say that it is not all day long. I have some pretty rotten neigbors here. It is really a shame because I live very near a resort area and the housing here is GREAT, now it seems the younger crowd is moving in. I certainly DO NOT want to offend any of the younger crowd, but some of the younger folks ( mid 20 to early 30's) moving in my neighborhood have a very strange way of themselves that I simply did not grow up in. There are some young home owners living up the street and its like they are still in this college mindset of wanting to "sit" out in the middle of the front yard drinking all night long talking loud with all the other commotion going on. I want to say - guys - you have a house now !!!! Like why don't you all go inside and carry your three ring circus inside. I mean sitting in the grass - oh well, to each its own I guess. In some ways I wish I lived in some retirement community even though I am just now starting to turn 50 this Saturday.
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Let me tell you when I lived in my last apartment this neighbor had 3 pipbulls and they had them off the chain all the time.  One day I was walking back from dropping my son off from school the dog ran to me I frozed my heart was about to jump out of my chest the owner came out and said don't worry he is harmless I said ya right the dog needs to be on the chain and next time he goes after me you will be in trouble.......So SCARED.....
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Hi Donnie,

I am in the age group you are complaining about. I don't blame you. Your neighbors sound like irresponsible college kids. They also have a ghetto mentality. I hope you can sell your home for a nice profit and hopefully move into a retirement community. I live near Laguna Woods which is an amazing place. It has the only affordable housing in this area (laguna beach). I think you have to wait until age 55 though. I suggest buying a home in an association with strict rules. They vary in fees and enforcement, but are often reasonable. People who like a quiet, clean neighborhood often move into these places.

I rent, because I can not afford the 2 million dollar median price of a home. I heavily researched and found a complex with strict enforcement. My apartment is quieter than most homes. When I hear irresponsible noise, I call the management. I have had two people evicted in the last two years. One tennant was a college kid who played loud music, the other was a tennant who kept a dog (against the rules). I also got rid of the skateboarders. It is like a monastary on my block, I love it. Most other renters and home owners I know complain about barking dogs, kids, loud parties, sex noises, violence, threats, and many other nightmarish scenarios. This happens even in upscale areas. When people are packed in like rats, there is no escape from horrible neighbors. If you rent or own in a strong, responsible association, you can avoid this hell. Good luck.
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