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Neurological Symptoms from Anxiety?

Cross posting this from neurology forum in an attempt to find answers. Early last week I visited an emergency room after I felt something move in the back of my head near my neck on the right side and in the right side of my face. It felt like something twisting inside, and I also heard a weird sort of crunching sound (bizarre, but true) . I was sitting at the computer when it happened, and it only lasted for a few seconds. The ER dr. did a CT scan of my head -- it was normal and he said he had no idea what was going on but recommended I see a neurologist. I have an appt. on 13 Aug.

Then, on Friday, I felt some of the muscles in both sides of my face tighten, and at the same time a lot of pressure in the top of my head -- it felt like I was going to pass out but, I didn't. My left hand also felt weak.  After this happened, for a few hours I had trouble doing basic math and finding the words I needed to say. I was reluctant to return to the ER, as they had found nothing a few days before.

I had a smaller episode Saturday night-- my face felt numb, I had chills, and cognitive function was slightly reduced.

I have an 18-month history of 3-4 week episodes every few months of dizziness, bilateral numbness of the face, scalp, and limbs, tinnitus. The symptoms always resolve completely in between episodes. I had an MRI of the brain in Feb, which was "unremarkable." The only sentence in the MRI report that concerns me is "FLAIR slight hyperintensity near right occipital horn felt to be artifactual."

What is happening here? Is there any way these symptoms are just anxiety? I am very, very nervous about all this.
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I have been having neurological symptoms as well. I've had numerous doctors tell me it is all anxiety for almost a year.
Thank goodness I followed my intuition, I kept having exams done and I finally figured out I had Pseudotumor Cerebri. Too much spinal fluid in my brain. If I would have listened to those ignorant doctors and not to my body, I would have gone blind in no time...

If you doubt it is all just anxiety, then please do something about it. Anxiety causes symptoms but not drastic ones.
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