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Neurological disorder or anxiety?

Does anyone else out there feel scared they may have some sort of degenerative neurological disorder...but also think it might be anxiety/stress issues?

I have these strange sensations in my hands and right foot that (constantly for days now) that aren't a tingling or numbness but more like a feeling of weakness and tenseness. I feel like I'm about to twitch or am twitching...but I'm not twitching at all and I'm not showing any signs of weakness. It's really torturous and distracting. I also have this feeling under my tongue...but there too...can speak fine and swallow food okay.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or solved it in any way? I have a long history of anxiety issues and stress...so I'm thinking it's got to be that. But also....I can't help but think I have something like MS. Terrifying.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Have you recently gone off  Zyprexa, or citalopram? or another type of medication?
I have had a similar experience when I went off my medication.
And yes I have wondered about the possibility of a neurological disorder because of other anxiety related symptoms, but I think anxiety is really good at masquerading as something else...I would suggest however, that you do talk to someone!

Good Luck Ray!!
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Thanks for the response. You are definitely right about anxiety masquerading as other things. I have had issues in the past, for sure, that have proven that right. I have not gone off any medications lately...I did however take Zoloft about six years ago, but since have been off any kind of medications.

As it is, two doctors have not been able to find anything wrong with me on first inspection. I'm having blood work done tomorrow. I noticed my symptoms lessened when I drank alcohol (not that I would consider that a treatment of any kind, haha)...also they don't really seem to be there when I first awake in the morning...but still appear within the first half hour of my day. They definitely cause me to have trouble sleeping though.

Bleh...It's so frusterating. Thank you for the good luck.
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