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New around here? Or old timer? Please READ

One thing we've always wanted is a sort of "welcome center" for folks who have recently joined, are thinking about it, or who are just observing for now. Please be good enough to respond to this post and just briefly introduce yourself: a name or nic-name, age, where from, what brought you here, what you hope to learn, have to offer, etc. Just a couple of lines. Don't worry, we won't bite!

If you are already a member, please check here every so often to greet new arrivals and visitors. Who knows, maybe a long-lost friend or family member may drop in. One of MINE did -no kidding!

JSGeare and Greenlydia are your "Community Leaders" (CL, for short) and our job is to make this place as helpful and comfortable as we can. You'll see little purple whirrly-gigs by our names to assist you in locating us if you have questions about how the forum works.

Enough said for right now -so please introduce yourself or say "Glad you're here" to a newcomer.


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hi, my name is barbara i go under heartfluttersflyawayplz, because i have a lot of pvc/pac, i have anxiety when things are going wrong in my familys life, been in this site for over 6 years, am here to help anyone who wants to talk, not a dr but have been in anxiety and heart paps for 24 years. so ask away maybe i can shed a little light. have a blessed day all.
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Hi Im new here,
My names bethany and Im from california

I have anxiety :/ and constantly worry about things
I created an account on this site hopeing to get cumffort and answers to my questions that worry me and such and i have high hopes that this forum will help me :)
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"Hearts and Hopeless?" Good grief, sounds like a firm of divorce attorneys!

By sheer coincidence:

1. I have spoken with you both, and recently and,
B. There is some cross-over in your symptoms. Each of you knows what the other is talking about! And that suggests to me that you guys may have a lot to say to one another -which I hope you shall do!

So....lemme ask you, Beth -how are we doing? Finding some comfort and support? Maybe some new ideas or things to think about?

Barbara, thank you so MUCH for your friendliness with new folks, your compassion and real expertise, and your great collegiality with the other "old hands" around here. You're the top!

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Hello!  My name is Pam, I am a nurse from PA...I am married with two children, a daughter, 9 and a son, 2.   What brought me here is a (now) 13 day long headache.  I'm pretty sure at this point it is related to a recent root canal, but I'm still in the exploring process.  It is very frustrating....I NEVER get headaches, and this one came on quite suddenly.  Of course, as a result, my depression and anxiety is rearing it's ugly little head a bit more.  :0(  I even considered the h/a being anxiety related, but I have never had my anxiety or depression present itself that way, plus I have very CLEAR cut additional symptoms.  Certainly, my emotional state isn't going to help.  I've literally had NO relief from this pain in almost 2 weeks.  THAT in itself is enough to drive you batty!  ;0)  I'm trying to remain patient as I exhaust all the possibilities.  Next step will rpobably be to have the RC tooth pulled.

Anyway, I started browsing around the forums, and of course, gravitated here....as I've struggled with anxiety/panic/agoraphobia/depression since childhood (in varying degrees).  I was "officially" diagnosed with PD/depression at age 18.  I've been completely housebound, and then had YEARS long periods of complete "anxiety remission".  LOL.

Like so many other stories....I finally end up saying..."Gee, it's been 3 years since I've had a problem, I don't need these meds anymore."  I do GREAT for a good long while (years)...and then "BAM!"  "Hello, my old friend anxiety".  I'm FINALLY learning that it is OKAY to take my meds forever.  I cannot tell you HOW many people I've talked to that have done that very thing....feel they do not need the meds anymore...only to be right back at the starting gate afterwards.

I have learned so much about it...and yet I will never be done learning about it.  It is such an awful thing to go through, ESPECIALLY for those who are just coming into it.  That first panic attack is rough.  Once you learn that while panic and anxiety may really suck (for lack of a better term...lol)...it can never physically HURT you.  There are great meds and therapies out there.  Truly there is something for everyone.

So, to the newcomers here who are just entering the wild and crazy world of anxiety...PLEASE allow me to reassure you that you will NOT feel like you do forever.  Get on the proper course of treatment, and recovery DOES come.  It's just something you have to learn to accept as part of "you", just as if you would have diabetes, or high blood pressure.  It's how we're wired.  Another thing?  There are A LOT of us out there.  We are not crazy or un-normal.  Actually, every person I have ever met with PD/anxiety has been very "normal", and in fact very likeable.  We come from all walks of life...women, men, young adults, older persons, police officers, execs, nurses, doctors, teachers, housewives, salespeople....you name it.  

Interestingly, there is a strong correlation between people with PD and MVP ("Mitral Valve Prolapse", or a heart murmur).  The experts are unsure exactly as to WHAT the relation is, but apparently there is a VERY high percentage of PD sufferers who concurrently have MVP.  Interesting.  I have a few other issues related that I would love to discuss here as well....

So, I'm glad to be here, and look forward to meeting and greeting you all, listening as well as receiving support.  If anyone has any medical related question, please feel free to post it, I'd be glad to explain things to the best of my knowledge.  Sometimes, it helps to hear things explained in "layman's" terms a bit.  Especially when it comes to a new medication you may have been prescribed.  Part of the anxiety process for a lot involves the fear of actually taking the med, which of course, complicates things.  

Sooo, let's get through the palpitations, the sweating, shaking, nausea, poopy-pants, the crying, the headaches, the vetigo, the bad dreams, the intrusive thoughts....and most importantly.....the recovery TOGETHER.  There IS a big bright light at the end of each of our tunnels.  It helps tremendously to have support while we're walking towards it, looking for it.  Just when you think you'll never get there, it comes.  I can promise that...I've had to find mine several times.  I always do.

I'm glad to be here.....thanks for the nice Intro thread, it is a great idea!

Supportive hugs to you all...and a peaceful day,

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I forgot to warn you all (I'm sure you've figured it out by now)....I tend to be VERY long winded.  ;0)

Always a good idea to grab a snack before reading one of my posts.

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Welcome to all.  This is a place where you will find comfort and humor as well.  And know that this disorder is not hopeless.  In fact, it can be a true learning experience.

Stick with us, were all here to help.

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Welcome to all newcomers!  My name is Cori, I'm a 31 year old wife and mother of two beautiful children, and I have had anxiety for 8 years.  What a long strange trip it's been!  At this point I can see full recovery just around the corner, but I must say that this forum has helped me more than any other thing I've experienced during my battle with anxiety.  I've been a member here for almost a year, and often wonder how different things would have been had I found this place sooner.

My best advice to all newcomers is if you find a post directly relating to your "brand" of anxiety you can go into the profile of the poster or any of the people who responded and then browse through their other posts, and responses to posts.  By opening their posts and clicking on the original post/responce post you will quickly find discussions directly related to your concern/issue without having to browse through page after page trying to find answers to your questions.  Take me for example, if you go into my posts you will be able to quickly access about 70% of the heart palps posts from the last year.

Again, welcome friends!  We're all here for you!  
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Snack? Nay, say I. Martini is more like it. You write well and your material is a very good observation of what so many of us know and dread. And yes, isn't it amazing how good old Mr. P shows up after such a long time away?

Therapy did the job for me -when I really came to grips with How and WHY I got to be the way I was -it sort of lost its reason to even be there at all. With your medical background, you may have a bit of an edge when oit comes to plowing through all the stuff in your trunk.

Anyway, I'm glad you are among us and very much hope you are prepared for questions from those of us who would especially value a medical insight. Naturally, you are not expected to make a diagnosis and all who inhabit this forum understand that professional opinions can only be given by and sought from the doctors and experts with whom they personally consult.

Thanks for letting us know all about YOU.

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My name is Tony 25male  from Milwaukee, Wisconsin-nice to meet you all :), suffering from anxiety and stress for the last 10 weeks. i had a sexual encounter where the condom broke  Feb 16th w/another male and i've been testing myself every week for hiv, so far 7th week neg. but i have to wait until 12th week to be sure. everyday a different symptom, every week a different symptom. not sure if it's the hiv that taking over, or anxiety, or the klonopin/paxil side effects that i'm on. i'm going crazy. i've had every single symptom you can think of. i'm not sure if i can make it unitl the week of may 5th. I'm tired and want to give up. please god help me.
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Hello all!  My name is Rachelle (I usually just sign my posts 'Shell') and my screenname is Shell1925.  I am a 29 yo F from PA and I am the proud mama of a 20 month old son!  I am new to this community, but have been on Medhelp for about 2 months.  I first joined Medhelp thinking I had a heart problem, but after my 3rd cardiologist clearing me I am beginning to think maybe this is all anxiety related, but I am still not 100% ready to accept that diagnosis.  I have a previous post on here with my story, symptoms, tests I have had done and diagnoses I have received.  I am just looking for that light at the end of the tunnel.  

I have been diagnosed in the past with anxiety, but have not been on any meds since March 2005.  I seem to be fine until I got pregnant in December 2005.  I am sure the 2 are related in a way but I am not sure all my symptoms are related to anxiety, and that is where the problem lies.  

I am looking forward to meeting people with the same concerns as me and hopefully we can all help each other in some way.  Thank you for the warm welcome and I look forward to meeting everyone!

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I'm GLAD you are here.
And I'm SAD for the circumstances that brought you here.
With week #7 behind you, you are more than half way through, so I think you'll get through the whole thing OK.

The hiv tests are a good and necessary thing -but please consider some talk therapy to help cope, OK?

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One thing that might help you establish to diagnosis is an evaluation with a shrink who should be as careful about tests for external causes as has been everyone else. You've been to the heart folks, so give the head guy a try and please tell us what you think after you do.

Glad you are here.

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What a wonderful idea! Is this limited to just the anxiety forum? I'd love to see this on all the forums. :)

I'm April. I've been coming to Medhelp for about a year. It started when I was getting scary heart palpitations which after a lot of testing I discovered I had PVC's and PAC's which they assured me many people have but don't always feel like I do.
The interesting thing is I never had these until about a year ago. I do think it was related to stress and anxiety but I was never officially diagnosed or seen for that.
I had a tremendous amount of stress over the last two years with my teenage daughter where I wasn't getting much sleep worrying and crying over her. Then I had to have major surgery too last Summer. It made me start realizing how much stress can put on the body.
Looking back, I think I've always had some mild depression from time to time and anxiety even when I was a child. I was very afraid of the dark and didn't like to be left alone. I had quite an imagination! Fear had a big hold on my for many years too. It was always something, like fear over my kids being kidnapped, etc. I struggled with intrusive thoughts too, which I've heard only recently that can be a symptom of ocd. I've always been a bit of a perfectionist and can be rather hard on myself (which could acount for the depression, etc.). I'm trying to do better with that and learn to give it over to God, but that can be so hard!
I'm much better now but I feel I owe it all to God. I rededicated my life to Him several years ago but really started seeking Him during this trial in my life these last couple of years.
These last few years has really put some things in perspective about how precious life is and how I should try not to waste my time here on this earth. Going under the knife and having to trust the doctors (and God!) showed me that I'm really not in control anyway (as much as I'd like to be sometimes!) For some reason that really calmed me down and helped a lot with letting stuff go. I still get depressed, anxious and stressed but it doesn't seem as bad and I can handle it better. At least I think so! It's a process. Some days I'm better than others.
You all seem like such caring, wonderful people. I'm so glad you all have each other to lean on. I'm also honored to meet you all.
Take good care of yourselves, and be blessed!!
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My name is Shaina, I'm 26 years old and I'm a mother of 2 (5 year old and newborn).  I'm married.

I've had anxiety with panic attacks for a very long time and take zoloft to keep myself in line.

I just recently joined the community, I was looking for places like this after I had my last daughter.  I joined to have a place to ask questions and to read about people who have the same, or similar, problems that I do.  Sometimes it makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only person who needs help functioning sometimes.
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Hello. I'm up late with a flu. I'm a 20 yr old English major.

This brings me to the reason why I'm here:  I have a phobia of doctors. My fear of doctors  often times exceed my fear of death. It's horrible. When I'm sick and I ask for help people will just say "Go to your doctor!", but I can't. I don't trust them. I stay up late at night with panic attacks just thinking "What if I get really sick and have to go..?"

I guess I have to attribute this fear to bad childhood experiences with doctors.

Fortunately I'm not afraid to go to the doctor for the flu.. because I know what will happen. She will just give me some medicine and send me home. Its "health tests" that I have attacks over.  Blood tests, etc, etc. If anything must be stuck inside me then I hyperventilate and just cling to the ceiling.

I also had/have an anxiety of driving. Just this past week I got over it enough to drive myself to school. It took two years of being driving along the same path by my boyfriend for me to feel brave enough to do it myself though..

Well, hello fellow anxiety-suffers! You cannot catch my flu over the internet so don't feel shy to say hi! This is a great place I just stumbled across. I was hoping that perhaps just "talking" normally with some folks from the medical community would help me out and show me that they are not pain-inflicting monsters.
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Hi all, I'm beth, living in england, UK :)
For just under a year i've been having huge problems with depression and anxiety (this forum helped me understand what the problem was), and many other health issues.
I've been on med help for a month or so now, and its great, i honestly don't know what i would do without the people on here to reassure and comfort when i'm having a really **** day! No-one minds if you rant or if you're upset, they're there to help and its amazing how much a little note can cheer you up on a bad day :)
Anyone who ever wants to chat, add me and i will listen to any problems you have or just chat about normal stuff (i never seem to have anyone to do that with anymore!)
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Hello to everyone on this forum. My name is Marie, gentle51 per secret code. I live in Idaho and I have come to this place to meet people with anxiety struggles that I have been experiencing since in my teens. My anxiety symptoms can happen daily depending what is going on in my life. I have plenty life happenings as all people do.

The career I have chosen for myself as a special education teacher for severely handicapped adolescents encompasses my life in many ways and the challenges in this field can be extremely difficult. I love working with this population so I must endure the struggles that are set before me on a daily basis. I am a VERY energetic person. I feel my anxiety energy is some of the fuel that I use daily to accomplish many tasks.

Currently I am seeing a Clinical Psychologist for my anxiety. Therapy has helped me very much face the demons of my anxiety. I am a stubborn individual so I insist on not receiving meds to help with my symptoms but I will not rule out ever taking meds. So those of you that are struggling with anxiety and panic you have come to the right place.
Reach out and find people that you can relate to and you never know who you might come across. It is a small world so open your eyes, heart and mind.

God's Blessings to All,
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Sek:on - Hi

I am lonewolf from Toronto, Ontario Canada.  I'm Métis (Aboriginal).  My first post was about me wanting to commit suicide.  Have been suicidal for years.  I expected judgemental responses but instead received warm, caring and supportive messages.  Most of the folks who responded are now "forum friends", not strangers.

This site has been invaluable to me.  Whenever I feel like the dark side is taking over, I know I can come here and talk about it openly and honestly.  It has been extremely helpful to me and I hope that I can give back some of the caring to others who come here and do it "in mino bimajiwiin" - in a good way.

Megwich - Thank you


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Greetings to all, and thank you for dropping by the "reception area."  Please do post your stories, questions and issues, and make contact with those whom you can help. We're all in this together!

If there are particular questions about how the site works, please post same or PM Greenlydia or me and we'll be glad to help.

Community Leader
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My name is Jen - I go by Limonada because, well, I love lemons (you know what they say about trying to make lemonade out of lemons....!)  Anyway, I'm 30, from Canada...and I joined the forum because I've been suffering from some mild OCD/anxiety issues since my mom's death nearly 6 years ago which recently escalated into a major depression episode and severe health anxiety. I'm on antidepressants and waiting to start therapy....but feeling MUCH better compared to how I was feeling a couple of months ago!

I'm finding the forum very helpful....it's so nice that we can all help each other out like this :-)
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kcdem in the house.....this forum has been a great experience for me. My first post was a desperate question titled "will I ever be the same". I was scared to death and thought I had permanent brain damage because of multiple medications I was put on in the hospital. I could barely write the post. I cant tell you how good it felt when greenlydia responded.

I have only been a member for a couple months but have met several wonderful people like; greenlydia, jsgeare, eronski,lonewolf (love the lonewolf),mystruggle,missingsomething,and of course the hitman60 and many more.

I am amazed at how accomplished these people are. I have learned so much from them and will continue to seek their experience, strength and hope. This is a great way to get out of yourself and help others. It is like a virtual AA meeting and I love it.

Welcome to everyone and I will do my best to share my experience and give back.

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Hi, I'm Liv, go by liv4now25.  I am divorced, have two kids, a girl 15 and a boy 7.  I have a wonderful and supportive boyfriend and I am also friendly with my ex.  I live in San Francisco and was diagnosed with panic disorder four years ago.  All was well until recently, out of the blue, I started getting panic attacks again, though not NEARLY as intense as they were before.  I've worked in the medical community for 16 years and come from medical parents who were riddled with anxiety and depression.  Honestly, I found this site when I was Googling cannabis and panic disorder.  I have found this site to be very helpful and I enjoy helping people when I can.
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I am Erin (Eronski) and have really enjoyed this forum,  I have suffered with anxiety for most of my 43 years and still have managed to have a wonderful life.  I came here this winter when my anxiety came back full force after leaving me alone for many years.  I decided to take medication for the first time and was very, very scared.  I have learned allot by talking with the others here and have gotten through this transition well.

I am feeling very good now so I haven't posted any concerns lately - but I always check for someone who may need some encouragement and feel very blessed to be able to reach out and let people know that life goes on and living with anxiety is not the worst thing and so much can be learned from it.  I have also developed some great friendships which I am able to keep up with here - and it's a pleasure!  Take Care All, Erin
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Sorry I'm late...........I've been busy beating the dust out of the welcome mat! (SNORT)
For all you "old timers," what can I possibly add to JSGs words except to let you know that I am giving ALL of you a standing ovation for all the awesome help you've given to folks on the forum. You have no idea just how much help you are to JS and I. This is a busy little place and we couldn't do it without you! Serious!
For all the "newbies," we are REALLY happy that you've found us and I know that you will find the help, support, understanding and friendship that all of us with anxiety issues need so badly. We are truly a "family" here, and like all good families, we help each other, which means that YOU can help US as well. You may think you have nothing to give, but you DO! I hope you will stay with us so that you can help other "newbies" who might need YOUR hand extended. Recovery can be a long and arduous journey, but when we help someone else carry their load, if only for a short distance, we have actually helped ourselves in the process.
JSG is the techno dude to go to, but here's a little secret: he knows squat about menopause!
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