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New symptom: Extremely tired back

Ok so, Im seriously really close to going insane because of all my symptoms. 4 doctors have told me it's all anxiety and one offered me depression medication. No thanks. I have enough experience from those.

A week and a half ago, while sitting on the computer (I do my work on the computer so...) my lower back started to hurt. It wasn't a horrible pain, but just a pain/feeling that told me it was time to get up and stretch a little. So I did and it helped, for a while. Now this weird lower-back pain has continued for over a week and next to the lower-back pain, my whole back has started to feel extremely weird. Some of you probably remember the post I made of Increased sensitivity to touch, well now the sensitivity has reached my whole back. Wich is making me scared as hell, because now Im even more afraid of MS or some type of Cancer. Next to the weird feeling in my whole back, my back feels EXTREMELY tired, and I haven't done anything else, but sit on the computer.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, my both scapulas felt weird, and because of it, I couldn't sleep except on my back, wich didn't feel that comfortable either. This morning and yesterday night, I finally was able to sleep on either one of my sides, without my scapulas feeling weird...But the tiredness and sensitivity was still there. Not to mention, that when I got up, I felt nausea and wanted to vomit, but it's slowly going away.

Now the question is...Could it be possible, that these symptoms could be caused by some anxiety that I didn't even NOTICE last week? Because a week before when the back-symptoms started, I was having a weird eye-symptom on my right eye and in the lower eyelid. It was this weird sharp pain that came and left when it wanted...But it ended at some point. I didn't feel that much anxiety because of that symptom, but I've heard lots of people say, that the anxiety that is not noticed, is the one that causes most harm? Is it really like that? Could I have anxiety without noticing it?
The next thing, after the eye thing, last week, was that I noticed a mole that I've had since I was a kid, that had a changed small part of it to a different color. To black. I had noticed it a year before, or two, but somehow I started talking about it with a friend of mine, and I decided to look it up on the internet. Bad idea. If a mole's color changes, or a part of it does, it could be a sign of Melanoma, or something. "Great", I thought. Juuust great. But I worried about for only 2 days, and I could notice small anxiety, and then it stopped...After both of these symptoms...My back started hurting, so do you guys see a connection or anything? Or is a whole back-pain a symptom of anxiety? Next to it having increased sensitivity...

The last time with my increased sensitivity to touch and all...I noticed a connection with my computer problems and then the sensitivity to touch. I had, had computer problems, and remembered loosing my patience many, many times...And a few days/week after that, I started to have the symptoms. Im still weirded out by the fact, that anger could have caused the symptoms... So anyone else that knows they can get anxiety/symptoms by plain anger?

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At the peak of my MS scare, I spent entire days looking up symptoms and trying to diagnose myself or rather find a reason why I didn't have it.  Then I got this burning pain in my lower back which concerned me.  I took time away from the computer and some TLC and it went away.  I guess I overdid it on the computer, strained it. I still noticed afterward that i had to be careful with it though - not sit too long or anything.  I think the anxiety has made my nerves and my body really sensitive.  I had the tests for MS which were fine but still have strange symptoms.  ANd I read about other people having most of these strange symptoms on this anxiewty forum.
I find that I only get relief about my health concerns if I speak with my doctor about them and perhaps you should even if it's just to ease your mind.
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Hi rita! Thanks for your reply. :)

I just called to the hospital and asked my Doctor to call me tomorrow, to see if the symptoms have anything to do with anxiety. I've done all possible blood-tests + the rare test of b12 and some really basic neurological tests like balance, nose touching when eyes closed and etc...All were ok. It's just that this increased sensitivity thing with touch and all is making me really worried...But I guess tomorrow i'll hear what my docs opinion is...If I should take an MRI, wich Im dead-afraid of, especially if they find anything...Because after that, comes the part of taking some Cerebrospinal fluid, especially IF THEY find something weird in my brain. And Im so sensitive, that they would to have kick me in the head for it to be possible to take such a test. T__T
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I had to take ativan to be able to do the mri.  I didn't find it bad at all though.  I had a cloth over my eyes and couldn't see how closed in I was.  There's different sounds but it's not painful or anything.  I have increased sensitivity too and my mri was fine.  I'm told there are specific neurological signs that neurologists look for.  Certainly, many of my signs are neurological but apparently not the ones that alert them to something serious.  I guess anxiety can have all kinds of effects.
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Ok, so my doc called and apparently the whole increased sensitivity in the back is normal aswell. She told me it's normal for someone who is as sensitive as me to have such symptoms.

But somehow I feel that she just said that because it's easier to just blame everything on anxiety rather than something else. Or Is it just me who feels that way? I mean, Im happy. Seriously, it's just that I feel weird because now I know it's anxiety and I still can't believe it. :(
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I started having this weird sensitivity on my body on one side ...mine happens to be the right side back got sore in one area ....thigh got sore on top only not on the back...chest got sore and different random areas on my body but only on the right side. Today my eye feels weird and i have been taking ibroprophen and it is helping quit a bit. The only thing I could find on the internet that matched these symptoms was shingles which is a virus that is caused from having chicken pox when you were little...I dont really think this is what it is any more than I think it is anxiety....its something....it could be some other weird virus...I have been seeing posts on other blogs describing the exact same symptoms. I was thinking of going to the doctor but its symptoms that they don't recognize....it could cost you a small fortune for them to figure it out. I appreciate any feed back on this that I can get. :)
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