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New to Klonopin

After taking Xanax for 20 years for chronic anxiety, my doctor placed me on Klonopin. Back in the early 90's I tried Buspar briefly, which made me feel worse than anything I've ever taken in my life, so I was put back on Xanax. I recently lost both parents (4 days apart, a year ago) then my job, as my now ex-boss, Hans J. Schmidt (at Frank's Casing Crew in Lafayette, LA.) graciously said he was tired of hearing about my dead parents so I was dismissed only adding to further stress. Anyway the effects of Xanax as RCA7591 so well explained was right on the money, it worked well for a short period like an aspirin to a headache but its effectiveness was shorter and shorter, sometimes hardly at all. I explained to my doctor and she switched me to Klonopin saying that its effect lasts longer. I used to take 0.5mg of Xanax mainly as needed or recommended twice daily.  I've seen so many conflicting posts that I'm confused or worried if Klonopin will work and my doctor made the right choice. I don't mind if it takes longer to work, just if it works. I'm also on Prozac and Metropolol and wonder how those interact.

I know this question is asked a lot and I'm sorry to add one more but I'd like to know a little more of what I'm getting in to.

Also, why is drinking Grapefruit juice not recommended when taking Xanax?


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From my experance xanax always really lowered my blood pressure and made me so tired. I have a severe anxiety and panic attacks when i am really stressed. I take cymbolta evey morning and I take a klonipin 0.5mgs, it works sooo well with me. It just calms me down and i don;t have anxiety or panic attacks hardly ever. the only time i do is when i am really stressed about something, sick, or right before my menstral. My husbands takes zanax and he hates the way it make him feel, he took my klonipin before when he was stressed out, and he liked how it took the edge off, i hope i have helped you :-)


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Hello there..  I have been taking klonopin for about 7 yrs now.  I was on xanax before that and became extremely addicted to it!  It was awful.  I had to literally detox in a hospital off of it.  I have panic disorder/depression.  After getting off xanax I was placed on the klonopin.  Yes it takes longer to work, howrver, it last longer, and stays in your system longer. Xanax was a qick fix, basically a band-aid that did the job, but did not last; thus leading to having to take more and more.  I much prefer the klonopin.  It is the lesser of the evils.  I am also on prosac as well and the two work very well together for me.

As far as drinking on these meds, I am sad to say I have done it often.  It is NOT recommended.  I have gotten completely hammered and did not remember the nt before.  I usually had an angry and embarrased husband the next morning.  

I am sorry about your parents, your boss should go to hell, and I believe you will have much luck with the klonopin/prosac combo.

Hope that helped!?
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Klonopin worked for me for a while. BUt I really only used it to help with withdrawals from other medications I was switching from. But i did help with anxiety while I was on it.
Hope this helps! If it doesn't work for you, talk to a doctor!
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Grapefruit increases the plasma level of Xanax "making it stronger"
I guess in theroy, it could maybe cause a OD, but Im not for sure if anything has been documented.
Did your doc just swictch you totally, or is he doing a crossover regiment?
If you have been on Xanax for 20 years, then I hope he is crossing you over "taking little of Xanax, little of Klonopin, slowly reducing the Xanax, and getting to a steady dose of Klonopin" if he didnt, then you are probably going to go through a little bit of withdraw, until the Klonopin reaches a steady state in your Plasma levels. "2-3 weeks"
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Back when I was on Klonopin, I was also on Toprol (metoprolol) and didn't have any negative reactions. My cardiologist, pharmacist, and psych were not concerned. Of course I was not having any symptoms. Upon questioning my cardiologist about an interaction, he said theoretically the combination of the two could lower BP and HR too much. But my numbers were fine so he brushed it off. At the time I was on .5mg of klonopin a day and 25 mg of  Toprol XL. So maybe there would be more risk of interactions at higher doses. I would talk to your prescribing doctor and pharmacist about it.
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To all who praises Klonopin....I was put on Klonopin when i stopped drinking for the first time in my life in 1988, i'm turning 50 in March..09, So i been on and off Klonopin for 21 years, only because this D.r. i cant spell pycrirst , because i bun't so many brain cells doing Klonopin and xanax, so this D.r. put me on Klonpin!!! ofcourse i'm gonna have anxiety, i just put down the bottle since i was 16, this is were my nightmare began, i chased d.r.'s for years, only because i couldn't stop the benzo's, i had a drinking problem, so i ended up in detoxes, and they would try, and i would try to come off benzo's, giving up, and just to find another d.r... Yes, they helped me in my sobriety, but i would pick up the bottle every 6 months, yes they helped at the beginning, but i should of come off them in the first couple of weeks.  I believe klonopin and xanax were made for seizes for head trauma, for me today i'm still trying to come off xanax's!!! and i'm having a battle!!! I'm doing 2mg per day, which isnt much, my memory is gone, i can't function without them, so anybody who wants to stay on klonopin or xanax for a long period, good luck coming off them, deal with the stress everybody has too, and there is non addicted drugs out there for anixiety, my mind is so closed for that route, because they dont feel the same as a xanax or klonopin...
best of luck to all!!!
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