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New to anxiety/depression

Hello, First time posting here & kinda nervous even about typing this out.
Literaly one day, I just woke up with a hurt neck from sleeping probably and BOOM had straight 24/7 anxiety. my head wouldn't quit trembling & it felt like I was going to have a seizure.
After about 2 months of that, I literaly have probably 95% reduced anxiety. At least I dont feel panicy to much anymore, But it left me emotionally drained.
I still have these head tremble things & sometimes just think I have a Tumor or something but it soon passes.
So onto the point here latley I have been feeling depressed (kinda) & VERY intrusive suicidal thought keep coming in my head for a matter of seconds really but they scare me & idk why. It happens probably 5-10x a day the past 4-5 days.
Sorry to make you read my life story I just thought typeing it and talking might help a little bit. Before all this I wouldnt consider myself a happy person to say but I was by far not like this. I never worried about or even felt similar.
I have also been to a Dr about my Anxiety & was prescribed Cymbalta & was told nothing about the side effects/withdraw symptoms. I dont swallow anything without first looking it up regaurdless.
The side effects dont weigh out enough on how im feeling to give them a go. I took one and was left vomiting for an hour or so & simple youtube testimonials will tell you the drug really has messed some people up pretty badly.
Worsened depression/Anxiety,BRAIN ZAPS(sounds horrid).
If anyone has any advice I could use to lessen the depression further. I would read them with eagerness & an open mind. As stated above I want to try other things before medication. I dont want anything to do with the side effects,
Would love to read some others insight as this is all new & overwhelming to me very much.
Cause mean the very INtrusiv thoughts worry that something might be seriously wrong like a tumor or something worse. I just want to feel normal again :(
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I'm glad you did post in this forum. There's nothing to be afraid of because all of us here suffer or have suffered with anxiety.
I'm my opinion, because I have taken Cymbalta myself, your Dr should have tried you on another med first. Cymbalta can be stimulating and make anxiety worse. It can be great fro people that have depression alone but like I said, it can be stimulating.
Have you thought about getting into therapy to help with your depression and anxiety? It really can help. Your Dr may want to try you on a different med while you're in therapy.
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Well when I went to the Dr. She just seen anxiety,health anxiety more precicse . I wasn't depressed just scared I was going to have a seizure, tingling headache back of head after a cramp in neck from sleeping wrong I think. That just left me drained and depressed. Scared of my intrusive thoughts and not being able to ever feel normal ever again.
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I'm sorry you're going through this - please don't be afraid to post here.  As remar said, we are all fellow passengers on this anxiety journey!  Lots of good people out here.

I don't have any knowledge of Cymbalta, but I find it a little surprising your doctor didn't go over any possible side effects with you.  There are some meds that will, unfortunately, make you feel worse before you feel better as the drug has to build up in your system.  But throwing up sounds serious.  I would definitely follow up with your doctor.  Is this a regular GP dr. or a psychiatrist?  If you haven't, you might want to consider a psychiatrist as they are specialists specifically in one area, the same way a cardiologist or endocrinologist is.

I agree with remar, I'd also really encourage you to think about counseling.  Drugs are just one possible resource to help; but most of us find we do better with a combination of a few or several different tools.  You're experiencing one benefit of counseling already - talking it out!  You said that you felt better just typing here - voicing your concerns in a safe place & learning good coping techniques from a professional are HUGE.

Some other tips - try to avoid caffeine; drink lots of fluids; exercise is great - even just going for a walk!  Be kind to yourself - do things that you enjoy.  I like to spend time on the Pinterest "Humor" board for giggles!  

Trust me when I tell you that there IS life with managed anxiety.  Hang in there!
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Thank you soo much for the kind words mele48. I have been feeling a tad better the past day or so. It is winter cold here in Ohio & let me tell you when its cold I shake sooooo bad. That adds a lot to my problems I think. I'm not sure if anxiety/depression can cause a headache almost everyday but if that was gone I think I would be as close to 100% as I would be capable. My Dr did recomend a psychiatrist to see before I left the app. I just kinda shot off thinking "thats not me" but if it keeps up I think Ill reschedule & see him for a little bit. cause (Talking) seems to be the golden Medicine in all these problems.
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