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Newly diagnosed

Okay so I've been stressing for sometime about a no risk hiv scare....I know it's no risk and have been told numerous times on this forum but it still doesn't stop my anxiety.

Doctor has tested me and told me my results will be good and I have no cause for worry....the test is only for peace of mind.

Anyways he's diagnosed me with general anxiety disorder.

He has said my mild sore throat and chest tightness is due to anxiety and once I relax it will go as the muscles in my neck and chest are tense and my feeling of need to cough is due to the tightness in my neck and throat.....the coughing for no need is causing irritation in my throat.

I have noticed when my mind is occupied I tend to forget or not notice my symptoms but once I think about them they come back....this has even happened for a day or two on end.....I've been told the throat can't be HIV as I have no other symptoms and it comes and goes when I relax plus it's been going on for 3.5- 4 weeks now.

Can anxiety cause chest tightness, lump tightness feeling in the throat and mild sore throat from coughing due to that feeling? I'm coughing only when I think about it and it feels tight.

I'm trying teas, meditation and everything....doesn't seem to be working.

I do tend to find exercise to help.

I do martial arts so I've been getting involved there a lot more.

I feel like a mental case....so please help me.
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All of these symptoms you are describing can be anxiety related. Since your doctor has ruled out any serious medical condition then ease your mind that it is ONLY anxiety. Anxiety feeds off of your fears and worry and until you can accept that your symptoms are a result of your anxiety you will not be able to start working on coping with your anxiety. Anxiety makes you hyper focus on every little ailment that we feel. The hardest part is to change the way you think. It can be done. Stop the negative thinking and try and flood your mind with positive. You are not HIV positive, you are healthy the doctors have cleared that, you are young. I highly HIGHLY recommend seeking out a therapist, they are wonderful in helping learn to cope with anxiety and ways to retrain your thoughts. Stay positive..
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If you look around on this board, lots of people WITHOUT HIV FEARS but with other anxiety issues have chest tightness and all the "symptoms" you describe. That is a pretty good clue your symptoms are anxiety induced, not some exotic form of hiv that no one else on the planet has ever experienced.

This was one of your previous threads for anyone reading this to get background on your situation..http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Anxiety/Coughing/show/2073857#post_9828987

I can't agree more with Audrey above after looking at some of your hypohcondria  posts you have made in the hiv forums. You are also worried about syphilis and the reliability of the test you also took this month.
Do you think taking an hiv test will ease your mind, or afterwards will you just keep looking for clues that your protected sex created a disease? You need to see a therapist, as Audrey says, to find a way to get over this compulsive worrying that you have contracted sexual diseases.
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I agree. I used to be in your shoes.  Seeing a therapist helped me out a lot.  I was finally able to tell myself and actually believe.. I HAD NO RISK. THE TEST PROOVED I AM NEGATIVE AND HEALTHY! I urge to get the proper help before it completely takes over your life. the sooner you get the help the sooner you will get better.
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Thanks guys for the replies.

Just seems that my rational thinking is always doubted by my fears.

I seem to wake up every morning checking to see whether my throat hurts and if my chest is tight....as soon as this happens my chest tightens and I feel a tickle in my throat and a raw feeling.....then the fear and negative thoughts start and my day seems to be consumed thinking about them.

I think I will see my doctor again and suggest getting a referral to a counsellor or psych....I don't want to live like this, it's not who I am and it's not healthy.

Thanks guys.
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Btw thank you so much for being patient and replying.

I'm sure there are many other posts like mine and it's the same old ramble.

I greatly appreciate your time.
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No problem. I know the feeling!  You can start taking baby steps until you can see a counselor.  For example, when you wake up try to get busy right away and try not to think about your throat/cheat tightness, try your best to not fall into the anxiety, and ignore the symptoms you want to check daily.  Shoot literally just right now I started to think about my chest being tight and my breathing and it happened! My throat hurts nearly every morning too.  My rational thinking says ok.. Nasal drip, or I sleep with my mouth open... Really you are fine, you are healthy.  fear is not fact. as nursegirl says. Factual evidence all says you are healthy!
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Well I had a epiphany tonight.....I went to grappling and kickboxing class tonight....my throat was mildly irritated before the lesson....I didn't notice my throat or chest at all during the class and after the class I felt great....no sore throat or tight chest but as soon as I started thinking about it again.....it suddenly appeared.

Anxiety is a prick of a thing.

Cannot wait to ditch it and make it a thing of the past.

Mates have decided to take me out on the weekend to help me....I've noticed on weekends the "symptoms" don't appear as I'm not stressed from work and tend to drink myself into a stupor....and usually after a big night I feel down and Abit depressed but never think of the throat or what not....I know it's not a good coping mechanism but it's working at the moment to surpress the thoughts.....I get my final test results on Thursday next week and I'll endeavor to see a psych  after that if I don't get a resolve.

I'm apparently supposed to be competing next month in mma.....so I want to get better ASAP!

Cheers once again for listening and posting...
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Abusing alcohol is part of your problem. You are playing a game with yourself if you think it helps deal with anxiety. You haven't indicated how often you normally drink, but going into stupors suggests a problem.
I can imagine a stressful work environment and this anxiety worry test your nerves, however the only way you will be able to get rid of anxiety is by accepting the science - using one method or another, and that doesn't include alcohol abuse.
Your first sentence summarizes both your problem and solution nicely but you ignore your own solution.  "I've been stressing for sometime about a no risk hiv scare....I know it's no risk"
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Yeah I can see what you're saying....alcohol would be adding to the issue.

Guess tomorrow when I go out, I'll limit my drinks and just go and have fun.

Try and be clear minded and positive.

I've been speaking to my trainer and he has said I've got nothing to worry about as I'm clean from my first result recently and got nothing...my next result will come back clean.

He wants me to focus on training to keep me in a positive mood for my fight next month.

So I think I'll throw myself into fitness.

Btw this new test I get the results from next week is for my fight...it wasn't an additional one just for my well being....need one to qualify for combat sports.
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Trust me I know where you are coming from. I've been in a similar situation and scared myself a few times over the years. The first two situations where no risk at all but I have a slight OCD and negative thoughts took over. The third was a genuine risk, so combined with a tendency to worry to excess and drink to forget it was unbearable.

Drink was always a short term fix to the problem, the reality was overall it was just adding to my anxiety.

Fitness is a great idea to get you back on track. Good luck
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