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Nexplanon and anxiety

I got the nexplanon in a year ago this month. First 3 months were spotting for two weeks straight not bad at al concidering I used to have very heavy periods with severe cramps I'm talking pain so bad I would pass out if I didn't take Advil in time. Then they stopped it was awesome not having to deal with periods or pain. I was feeling really good up until August then the hell started I was rushed to the er my heart rate over 165 and bp very high I was so scared I thought I was gonna die. They did ct of my lungs cause they thought maybe I had a clot, did a bunch of blood tests did ekg checked my thyroid checked for any sign I had a heart attack all came back fine so they ruled it as tachycardia and gave me metaprolo. next week I was back to er for same thing they then think it's also acid reflux I've never had a problem with it before so I didn't understand it. Then a week later I'm back at the er same thing. I had to stop taking the metaprolo because it was causing me to have severe panic attacks. So They send me home with verapamil I take that about a week and notice my insomnia is so bad I'm up for or 24hrs the sleep about 4 hrs the next night then I'm up over 48hrs the next night I had to stop taking that cause I broke out with a rash all over my body. So they tell me to just try the melatonin to help me regulate my sleep and now my sleep is not bad I wake often but than god I can at least sleep a few hours a night. I've had so many tests done echo and stress echo been to two cardiologist. Had Lyme test lupus test parasite test glucose and liver enzyme tests all came back normal but the liver they saw it elevated so they did a hep test was negative so now they are gonna do an ulrtasound see why it's elevated. I've been on lorazepam now since sept. I use it to help me sleep which I'm slowly trying to get off that I'm on half mg I was on 1mg so not a high dose. But the symptoms I've been having since August seem to be worse I'm dizzy all the time I feel weak and pain in my muscles fuzzy vision head is so foggy and my thinking is so bad hard to concentrate on anything I feel I forget a lot. I feel this burning pain in my arms legs and chest. I feel so shaky inside sometimes. The lights bother me
So bad In the stores I don't even wanna go in them I feel like I'll pass out. I know people are gonna say it's all anxiety and I agree I'm getting anxiety but I think it's caused
From something else because I've never had this feelings until 6 months ago. And now my doctor wants to put me on an antidepressant I'm not wanting to go on that. I'm
Posting on here cause I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything I'm going through while they are on the implant and if so were you able to go back to normal after getting it out and how long did it take. I have an appointment for it to come out in 2 two
Weeks it stinks cause taking it out is my last option besides the antidpressint and that's a road I don't wanna go down. It's working awesome for the cramps and pain as I don't get a period but idk how much longer I can take feeling like this.
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Im going through the exact same thing! Ive had nexplanon for 9 months now, my side effects just started about 2 months ago. After you removed it did you get better?
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