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Night time anxeity

I wanna know if anyone anxiety gets worst at nighttime? I know mind does all the time even when i try not to worry and clear my mind i still feel horrible?
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I know what you mean. My anxiety seems to get worse at bedtime, but I also have problems around mealtime expecially dinner. Anyway I'm new to this site just joined today.
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It can also be your hormones, emery. And by that I mean from the thyroid and adrenal as well as the female hormones. They can make you feel like you are going crazy.  I would check into that, if you have not had any previous issues with anxiety.
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Everyone has different "patterns" of symptomatology.  Some anxiety sufferers report that mornings are the worst, while others, like you...state that nighttime is when their anxiety is at its worst.  And, a lot of times (I can personally attest to this myself)...it will change from time to time...going from bad mornings, to bad evenings...or bad "lunctimes".

Mostly the reason for this is how our brain is perceiving the anxiety.  Especially in a person with panic disorder, we attribute the anxiety reaction more to the things around us than just accepting that it happened, and the SITUATION really wasn't that significant.

Example...someone has their first panic attack at Jiffy Lube.  Guess what?  That person is now going to relate the two...forever pegging poor Jiffy Lube as "evil", or as the culprit and avoiding it like the plague.  One thing....while a person can avoid a LOCATION, they cannot really avoid a time of day...or a season.

That is where therapy comes into play.  That is where we learn to be able to seperate those secondary, unimportant facts from our anxiety...and come to realize that our anxiety is exactly the same no matter where we are, who we're with, what we're wearing, what the weather is outside, etc etc...and so on and so forth.  We essentailly have to re-train our way of thinking.  Not everything is a trigger, and not every anxiety attack can be explained...or a reason found.  That's what actually makes it so scary...our rational brains cannot wrap around the idea that these horrid events are so seemingly random...so we automatically and frantically search for WHHHYYYY...which leads us to the most obvious answers...."Jiffy Lube", "Nighttime", "after I drank coffee"....see where I'm going?

(Disclaimer---Juffy Lube is in NO way evil, or anxiety-producing, and anxiety sufferers should not avoid Jiffy Lube based on this post.)

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Yeah espcially when u sit alone thinking about it
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yes! well ive never gone to a doctor to see if it is "anxiety" but i think it is. what are your symptoms at night? i know how you feel. during the day you will feel okay. but once you lay down you start to feel weird. and then the fun starts... *sarcasm*
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