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No Setraline Week 7

Hello. I had a panic attack this Jan 2016 due to which I was prescribed to take setraline 50 mg and clenopozam as well by my doctor. I was put on really low dosage and I was told to have setraline two times a day after breakfast and dinner which made it a 100mg daily.It improved my extreme anxiety, my sleep which just vanished right after my panic attack, and my moods also improved a lot. I was really happy, excited to try out new things, my appetite was good and I was a whole new person. After a couple of months of being on setraline when I figured out that I could do without setraline, I told my doctor n she told me to slowly to taper off and I did that according to her prescriptions. I was on setraline from mid February till October which was a good eight months. It was all fine when after the second week of stopping setraline completely after slowing weaning off, I sensed some brain zaps, headache and bowel problems. Then suddenly my anxiety started again and I could understand that those were withdrawals. Without panicking much, I started walking, n doing breathing exercises which helped me a lot. All the other problems are gone now but one thought is not leaving me behind and that is whether these medicines will have any permanent effect on me. Will I ever feel normal again? Will I ever feel happy the way I used to before? All these questions are eating me up from inside. Pls help me with this.
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You're saying all your problems from withdrawal are gone, but it sounds like something is still there you didn't have when you started the Zoloft.  More specificity would help us answer.  Exactly how are you not feeling normal?  
It sounds like you anxiety returned when you ridded your body of Zoloft which might mean you need it, at least to keep you feeling ok while you work your way through some therapy. I can't diagnose you, but what you are experiencing today that you are calling withdrawals may be post withdrawal indication of the need for Zoloft.

Did you take any therapy to try to find ways to deal with anxiety?
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