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No appetite, lossing weight and very scared. Help!

I am a 20 year old male. So about 2 months ago, I had what felt like a heart attack at work but apparently it was just an anxiety attack. It started because I noticed my heart was skipping a beat which led to the anxiety attack. So the next day I went to the hospital, got an EKG done, blood work. Everything was fine. And ever since Ive just been a big ball of nerves I guess, diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, muscle pains, fatigue all that came with it. However about a month ago I noticed my appetite was depleting very quickly. And now I rarely eat, when I do its very small amounts. I use to eat EVERYTHING and now Im losing weight. Went from 132-122 in 2 months. muscle and joint pains almost 24/7 I m always tired. An I have no idea what could be wrong and now not only am i anxious but im also depressed thinking im gonna die or have something seriously wrong with me. I ve been tested for everything under the sun: HIV, STDs, Lupus, CBC, WBC, RBC, Anemia, Kidney and Liver function, Hepatitis, blood tests to check your muscles and levels of protein. I got an EKG, my family doctors physical exam twice, chest xrays, and next week I'm scheduled to get a scope down my throat. It seems like every time I eat I just feel awful, I'm constantly in some kind of muscle/joint pain. An I honestly have no idea what's going on. Constantly in some sort of pain, always tired, just don't wanna do anything or care for anything anymore. No appetite, losing weight.
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Hey Rox,
It sounds like your anxiety is literally through the roof. Stress and the obvious (anxiety) are a major trigger in upset stomachs, joint paint, and loss of appetite. Remember - your feelings are what's making you sick. When you are not emotionally there, your body reacts. This explains why you are having a lot of physical problems.
Are you on any type of medication for your anxiety? This could also be a side effect of meds that you just need to get used to.
Wellbutrin. But this no appetite thing has been happening for a month now. I've only been on the meds for less than a weak and I've been eating more since I got on it. But I'm just worried this could be like an actual medical issue
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I also had really bad joint pains, was not able to eat and lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks, I felt exhausted once the attacks were gone. But my attacks ks lasted all day non stop and I have to keep moving around to try to keep myself busy. I have every feeling in my body if my muscle twitches I think omg. It's horrible. Right now I get back pressure, lower stomach pressure where my bladder feels full and constant urinating. Anxiety really makes us feel sick and every little thing we feel we think it's something huge. I was just at the Drs yesterday doing tests to see if anything is wrong with kidneys and upper stomach because when I am stressed I have horrible runs. I worry to much and read way to much on the internet and it scares me even more.
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Anytime I have anxiety issues my appetite is the first to go! I can lose 10 lbs in a week! I have had generalized anxiety disorder for like 10 yrs now...usually only bothers me every 5 yrs or so...and this happens to be one of those years! I have never taken any meds for it just dealt and let it pass. This round I have started counseling...has been helpful so far but it not a quick fix! By my counselors advice I started taking probiotics and it has helped tremendously with the stomach symptoms!  Anxiety causes so many physical symptoms...which in my opinion is the worst part! I can handle the racing thoughts and wanted to run away from myself but muscle pain weird twitching heart palpitations insomnia dizziness and so on are all too much and only make the anxiety worse! I have found that once I can convince myself that the symptoms are just from my anxious state that they tend to lessen. When I first started havin issues my heart palpitations and racing heart freaked me out! Now I don't even notice them! I know that my heart rate is at 110 or so but i can no longer feel it like I use to!
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