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Normal for Anxiety? Or Heart failure?

So basically I was up at night drawing until I realized that I had this sudden shortness of breath. I was lying down also So understandbly I'm very worried. My chest feels weird, I'm coughing, my whole body is shaking and I feel like I can't take in full breaths. It's like I'm stuck in manual breathing now because of this sudden shortness of breath. I had experienced sudden shortness of breath before in the past but not for a while, until now.
Is this normal for Anxiety? I used to have Panic attacks  but I haven't had them for a month now so I'm not sure if it's that but is this the norm? I was fine before the breathing issues began happening not so long ago
Help please, I'm worried and I feel like my heart could be failing, even though I'm a teen.. I do have health anxiety but haven't been obsessing over it like how I used to lately
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What is the problem with people!  All everyone is talking about is anxiety. I have heart issues so please go see your doctor not everything is anxiety. I get anxiety but it has nothing to do with my heart problem. These people have seen a doctor in todays world and every doctor likes to blame it or anything on anxiety.
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Absolutely, that should be ruled out first!  I totally agree.  However, for many with health anxiety, it centers on the idea of heart issues.  Mine often does.  If not that, then it's cancer.  It's a manifestation of anxiety rather than a true cardiac issue for some.  But you do need to rule that out first.  A prudent doctor would not blame heart issues on anxiety unless they had assessed a patients cardiovascular health, I'd think.  I'd hope anyway.  
Also, a panic attack feels like a heart issue sometimes when it is happening.  Really unpleasant.  What types of heart issues do you have?
It is true, if a doctor knows you suffer from anxiety they are more likely to attribute a problem to that and not investigate it as thoroughly sometimes as they should.  I recently had a terrible dental experience, a dentist basically destroyed a tooth just filling a cavity, and he blamed what he did on my "anxieties" even though I wasn't at all anxious sitting there.  Stuff happens.  It's also true that anxious people get all the same health problems everyone else gets.  But it's also true that the symptoms suffered by those with severe anxiety do mimic diseases without being diseases.  A lot of very young healthy people who are very very unlikely to have heart problems come on here all the time complaining about their hearts.  They go to doctors over and over, they go to the ER over and over, and still can't accept they have anxiety, not a heart problem.  So yes, if one thinks one has a heart problem, get it checked out.  Make sure the doctor takes you seriously.  But once that has been ruled out, at some point you have to face the anxiety, as that's often the real problem.  But again, yes, make sure it's not a physiological problem, even anxiety can be caused by a physiological problem.  If you don't feel your doc is giving you the best of care, get a different doc.  
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The worst thing a person with anxiety can do is self diagnose. If you are worried, see a doctor. When a doctor listens to your chest, they will know if anything is wrong. Tell your doctor your concerns, they are there to help.

Though I am not a doctor, I will say that some of your symptoms I have experienced while having a panic attack. I’ve gone to the hospital thinking I’m dying when really I’m just having a panic attack. There’s no harm in getting checked out though.
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People do indeed have panic attacks out of nowhere when they have the disorder.  Not everyone, but some. That's what can make them so scary for some people and why treating them is important.  However, not sure about your particular situation.  Have you had this occur before? The DSM 5 specifies that panic attacks must be unexpected for panic disorder. I think this article is a good read for you https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/matter-personality/201604/do-panic-attacks-really-come-out-the-blue

Do you feel anxious at other times in your life, by the way?

Since this happened, I think it is always best to see your doctor to make sure this is not something cardiac related.  Sounds like you are young and this is doubtful but better safe than sorry to make sure.  And at that time you can get your doctor's perspective on panic attacks.  Let us know how it goes with your doctor or if you don't go to the doctor, how it is going in general.  Okay?  
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Mom, I have this disorder, and it definitely felt like my first panic attacks came out of nowhere.  I've had a hard time with that, because the CBT theory is that they were caused by thinking you were going to have an attack and so you get them, but they never explain that first one.  But it's not true they really come out of nowhere.  When you get into therapy you realize you were thinking anxious thoughts and building up drama and all that rigamorole for a long time, y0u just hadn't gotten to the point of a panic attack yet.  So no, they don't come out of nowhere.  As I said on the other thread, I've been in treatment with a host of professionals over many years, and when you do that you get a better understanding of how it happens.  Now, not all panic attacks are actually panic attacks, a lot of them are reactions to physiological problems doctors are often too lazy or ignorant to look for.  At some point, hopefully, they do.  But if it is an anxiety attack, the anxiety has been there, it didn't really just pop up out of nowhere, it just seems like it does.  Peace.
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Anxiety attacks follow anxious thinking.  If you're fully relaxed, that doesn't sound like an anxiety attack unless the anxiety is chronic and deeply rooted and comes out when it comes out.  A month without a panic attack is great unless the reason is that you're avoiding the things that trigger them, in which case you still have the anxiety problem, you're just dodging it.  Sometimes that's the best we can do, and I don't know if that's your life, but being cured of panic attacks means solving the problem of thinking one's way into them.  Not easy to do, and a month isn't very much time if it's a chronic problem.  Only seeing a doctor for a very complete exam can show if you have something that is causing the breathing problem and even causing your anxiety attacks, as often a panic attack is diagnosed when it's a physiological problem, but again, for us chronic depressed people or anxiety sufferers, we can hold onto and obsess over things and the anxiety is always ready to come out.  We either fix this in therapy or suppress it with relaxation techniques or medication or some other form of medication.  So, did you fix your anxiety problem?  Was it chronic or just something that happened and then went away?  Did anything happen recently that might have been lingering in your mind?  And if this is a regular problem with the breathing, have you seen  a doc?  Could even be an allergy problem but having had an anxiety problem, that can trigger anxiety.  
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