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Not feeling normal 3 days after smoking marijuana

I smoked weed three days ago and I don't feel the same. I got really high like never before and started to panic. I now have anxiety and I'm really paranoid. I cant eat because i dont have any desire to. i cant sleep the full night without waking up. I'm scared I will be like this forever. My friends tell me it's temporary. Please help. I'm really scared. I feel like I have certain times were I feel okay and then it just comes back. Please tell me this will go away. I'm scared. I feel there's no way out
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Hi, smoking weed is the worse thing to trigger panic attacks and paranoia!!!

You will recover but you may notice that you will start panic and feel anxious if you smoke again weed...

I know what I'm talking about, I smoked weed from 13 yo until 19 yo... Almost everyday... At 19 yo, I start having panic attacks just after I finish smoking some weed... I continued to smoke weed for 1 month but I had more and more panic and felt like I wasn't normal all the time. One day I was sit in a philosophy class at the college and I had a panic attack without smoking weed... And start having panic attacks everywhere. I saw a Doc and he told me to stop smoking weed cause its the worse drug to trigger paranoia and panic attack...

He sent me see a psychologist that I saw for 3 years and he put me on an antidepressant med. The panic attacks and paranoia stop and was free of panic and anxiety for a good 10 years.

I tried to smoke some weed again 10 years later and had a panic attack right away, also had a trip to the ER room when I took exctasy and that I had a bad trip!!! Since then my anxiety return...

No drugs or alcohol for me since 2006... Still have severe anxiety but its not from drugs.... Too many problems to deal with...

So yes you will feel better soon but you have to stop smoking weed... That's my story Nd my advice also...

Take care of you!!!
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Honey, your friends, at 16, are really not the experts.  See a doctor to try to figure out what happened and how to get yourself back to normal.  While I appreciate how fun it can be to thumb your nose at the world, you need to find another way to show that you are your own man.  Dope is clearly not the way for you.
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Ask your friends if the pot might have been laced with something like PCP.  Good to know what you're dealing with.  
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Drug induced anxiety is super common.  I would strongly urge you to steer clear of drugs and alcohol for a while while you give this some time.  The unfortunate part of these situations is that sometimes, even after the drug is long gone, the anxiety remains, just because it psychologically makes such an impression on the person that they can't shake it.

Give it some time, and if it persists, seek some professional help to start addressing the anxiety.  You can search the forum and find countless other stories just like yours.  It may help you to read some of those.

Keep us updated!
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Canna god says sporadic smoking can cause this espicially w the higher thc these days. A nice pure sativa would less likely cause a problem. The real secret is continued use. Your brain will get use to the process and you should have a complete oppisite reaction. You should get a relaxing, lessened anxiety. Unless paranoia from cops, family, work. This is understandable. Structue should be put in place. Time and place. I hardly ever smoke anymore. When I do just here and there I do get anxiey. But when I was a daily pothead I was as cool as xanax x 10. Its all in your mind. If you have good quality canna it can be a wonderful way of life. Not the best for sporadic smoking. But hey at least it's not H or crack, shcwa. You may try less hits, i know thats hard too.
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It took me almost two decades of smoking weed (on and off) before the “newness” went away along with ‘bouts of parinioa and anxiety. Be strong, it will pass, & you will be stronger/healthier for it. Anything done in excess is bad. Stick it out because the good outweighs the bad in smoking that and that alone-nothing else and nothing laced!
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