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Nothings Working

well il will start off by explaing what my situation is, back in 2007 my grandad died, i went to his funeral bearing in mind i was only 14, after the funeral, i got really poorley for about two weeks, and have felt like am in a totally different world to this very moment now, its hard for me to explain but i dont feel alive, i constally feel tierd and week, i dont want to carry on like this, i want to enjoy life to the full and feel normal. i have seen the doctors and been on 3 types of anti depressents, the doctor aint too good at understand my problem though thats why i have asked for help on medhelp. i have also had blood test and its come back fine. is there out else it could be and what do i need to do next? is there any other treatment at all. please help my out someone. thanks allot :)
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It sounds like your suffering from depression over the loss of your grandfather. Have you tried counseling? That may be a great help to you.
There are several antidepressant meds out there and maybe the ones you've tried are'nt the right ones for you. Don't give up, okay. Think about getting a different Dr if the one you have now is'nt helping you. Take care. Remar
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Hi my mother died in 2005 at age 82 and my sister died in 1975 when she was 11 and I was turning 13.  I suffered a lot like you are describing. The loss of someone we love is hard and it gives us a feeling of "why go on." But why go on, your grandfather lived his life and he probably loved you very much. He wants you to go on and live your life a full life.  The loss of him will feel like a void in your life maybe forever.  But now you need to figure out life after grandfather died. I did that finally, after my mother died and I was so depressed for a good year, I realized my life was divided into "when my mother was here" and "after she died."  My life changed, it had to because I have so much more life to live.  Life is worth living I can tell you that.  Now what you are feeling can also be chemical.  You are at an age where things in the body are changing and chemicals a long with sadness can combine.  So maybe these anti-depressants are working so well.  Eating good foods help a lot.  Protein, good carbs, not a lot of sugar. and get exercise.  
If you have not expressed how you are feeling to someone you trust please do so.  Reach out and tell them how you feel. I didn't after my sister died and I was in my 30's before I got help. It made it so much harder.  So use this forum but talk to someone you trust and keep talking about this.  I admire you for doing so already.  I wish you such a happy life.  
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you might be having severe anxiety with the feeling of not being here which is called depersonalization i think. it is a common symptom of anxiety as well as the other symptoms you mentioned. since it all started after the death of your grandfather going to a good social worker or psychologist would be the best place to start but ask around to see who is good in your area first. it will get better if you get help and the sooner the better. medications may be necessary if you dont get better soon but start with very low doses of whatever is prescribed and increase them slowly as they can actually increase anxiety as they are starting to work. good luck.
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