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Nurse girl... please help!

Dear Nurse girl,
I had an encounter last year on 24 feb with a CSW where i touched her bare privates and masturbated with same hands. Then started the whole cycle of anxiety and restlessness. Despite my encounter being no risk event as confirmed by Mr Teak and other moderators i had problems getting to terms with the same. Consequently i started to get treatment at a Psychiatrist. He diagnosed my case as being of "hypochondriasis" and "Thought distortion" and i was put on Paroxetine. After months of not able to completely coming to terms with things he got my Rapid card test for HIV which came out negative. I have never had sex outside my marriage. My test was done after around 8 months and i knew all along that i will be safe. But my mind shows me different story altogether and even small ulcers in mouth or folliculitis makes me worry that i have got this dreaded disease. My doctor has been really helpful but i am still worried about me being infected even after getting negative result as confirmed by rapid card test. Please help to live a normal life with my wife.
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As your doctor told you, this is an anxiety/brain issue, not an HIV issue.  It's not uncommon for people to experience severe anxiety after a sexual encounter they feel guilty, regretful, and shameful about, especially if that person is in a committed relationship.  That fear presents itself as worry over contracting an STD, like HIV.

You need to continue working with your mental health provider, preferably a therapist, who can help you change the way you think about HIV.
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Thank you mam...sorry for rather late reply. Mam the problem with me is that i keep on thinking is that if test was not done right. If  there is a small ulcer in my mouth i think of it as HIV issue. Even though my test prove to be negative. Every time i try to live a normal life with my wife. Some ulcer or some sore throat stops me. It is very difficult for me to get over this. Please suggest
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