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OCD Head trauma?

I figured some of you on this forum are quite experienced with all sorts of trauma related to the brain so I thought you could help out on this little OCD obsessive anxiety thought that seems to be bothering me a lot at the moment. Now this might sound stupid, but is our brains so fragile, that simply rotating our head (without shaking) to either the left or right rapidly enough with a sudden stop using your neck muscles pose a sufficient enough risk to be deemed as a potential cause of concussion?

I mean I originally did it to test if I got dizzy by turning my head fast, stupid I know, and I think I accidentally went too rough on the rotation and stopped my head too suddenly. I got dizzy and my neck hurt a little now but nothing serious, and I suspect the dizziness might come from my obsessive worrying of concussions and maybe due to the inner middle ear getting shaken around or something?

This just really bothers me, can the brain really crash into the skull by a simple movement from the body a.ka. the neck? I heard that rotational concussions are the worst :(

Thanks in advance!
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First, obsessive worrying isn't OCD.  We all have enough problems without persuading ourselves we have even more problems!  As for your question, I doubt most of us on here have had brain injuries any more than on any other forum, but it would seem that if you have genuine concerns seeing a physician for a diagnosis would get you a better answer than from us amateurs.  But just from being old and hearing a lot of odd things, odd things happen, so even if the likelihood of you getting a concussion from what you did is virtually nil, if you really feel you did something that is causing lasting harm, again, it wouldn't hurt to see a physician, though what you're describing doesn't sound like a concussion.  It would ease your worry.  As to the worrying itself, if that's a chronic problem, just because it's not OCD doesn't mean it can't be really a pain, so it might be time to see what you can do about that.  Hope it turns out you just strained your muscles temporarily, as is most likely, like sleeping in an odd position.
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You might of shocked your neck nerves. Causing your brain to have a whip lash.
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