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OCD with repeating names or over a person?

Hello everyone, hopefully you can do your best on helping with this. I have had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ever since I was 16 years old. I am in therapy and I'm also on medication for what I deal with. I am successful however and have not let my mental illness stop me. I have finished my first two years of college and achieved my Associate of Arts degree, and will be finishing up my last two years starting the fall of this year. I will be a middle school teacher in the subjects of Lang. Arts and Social Studies. However I have new obsessions and compulsions that have seemed to form and they are driving me crazy. This makes things hard for me. I dated somebody much older than I am and they only live right across the hall from me, mind it that I still live at home yet with my mom who has helped support me through school. I am 23 and my ex was 45. I finally got away from her last year, but when I did I could not stop obsessing about her. I didn't know if it was love or not because I kept having feelings about going back, but oddly I still didn't want to be with her in that way. My dream is to have a family, my own kids, and she can't provide that for me. Not only that, she tried to say that some of my friends were putting ideas in my head when I felt like she was doing that to me. She also tried to encourage me not to have kids because of my anxiety disorder saying that I was pass it on. I still feel like she was doing that for her own sake so I would stay with her because she couldn't have no more kids. But it has been tough living right across from her. Not only that, it has made my anxiety jump high at times because I know she is right there. My therapist has told me over the last several months since I have been away from her that I am just grieving which I do believe is possible. But couldn't OCD make it even worse? A lot of my obsessions were about what I did wrong to her. I kept feeling like I was the enemy because she would always say that she didn't do anything wrong every time we had a problem? This made it hard when I moved on from her. I kept obsessing about what I did wrong to her or what she did wrong to me. Recently I have now gotten stronger and I am beginning to get over her. But now a new obsession has kicked in with saying her and her youngest sons name over and over again in my head. I will not stop saying it until I have said there name just right. And then after I say it, if I touch an object the wrong way afterwards I feel like I failed at doing things perfectly? I'm working on a coping strategy of just accepting the fear that I won't say there names right. And sometimes if I don't say there names, I feel like I will forget about them which is what I want to do? I feel like my antidepressant (Prozac 10 mg) is helping me let go, but I keep forcing the thoughts and I am trying to break that habit? I'm hoping this repetitive name thing will go away and I can move on and form new memories. Any suggestions?
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When the names run through your mind, try thinking of something else, even if you have to force it. Talk to your doctor about this and see what he suggests. Try to clear your mind and focus on something that eases your anxiety. I wish you the best of luck. Please keep me posted
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Can someone please tell me I'm not the only one? I am 18 years old, in a relationship and all I do is worry about him being unfaithful and I get jealous for everything. I think that if I'm think about a certain person then he will start talking to them and I each time I move and touch things I say whoever I feel like im in competition and if I don't say a girls name that I'm confortable with then I'll keep doing it over and over, I do this because I feel like if I touch things and go into another room and I'm thinking about someone or saying their name then something will happen with them or they are on that object. I don't know what to do anymore I am so miserable. I feel like I'd be better gone put I just want it to stop and I need help. I actually know that the things I'm say are false and won't happen but I still play against myself myself.
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What exactly do you mean by "saying their names right"? Do you have a problem pronouncing their names when speaking out? Im just trying to understand what you mean by saying their names over and over again until you get it right.
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don't sound like OCD  more  plain obsession , just a thought 20mg  PROZAC cured my OCD ,  10MG was not given 30 years ago 20mg was the start dose
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why is it that random names come automatically in my mind which interrupts the flow of my thoughts which in turn leads to frustrations and this is a very prolonged thing which sometimes in fact very frequently lasts for even more than 12hrs continuously
I am so sorry you are feeling overwhelmed with a noisy mind.  That's hard.  They refer to this as 'earworm'.    https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/why-you-cant-get-a-song-out-of-your-head-and-what-to-do-about-it-2017100412490  How long do they usually last?  Over 24 hours?  For basic earworm, they say that resisting it almost makes it worse.  Accepting it helps get rid of it.  And distracting yourself can possibly help.  When it is truly problematic, psychologists do CBT therapy to help.
Hoping you come back and talk to us mehaku.  We're here to discuss!!
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please give me solutions to my problem ...i will be very grateful to you all ...may god bless you all ..... also i had and sometimes presently suffer form songs playing in mind which had been a great hinderance to my concentration as as result this has lead to lots of sadness,loneliness, sadness and sometimes i feel just like giving up and commit suicide...please anybody help me take me out of this problem.. iits been enough now of being a victim to these two major problems...i will be highly grateful to all those who would help me ...godblessyou all a nd to be very honest while typing this para this problem has been interrupting at this time time as well...pleaseplease please help me....
Lots of people hear songs in their heads.  Never heard of random names, but sure, why not?  The brain is constantly offloading useless material.  But when it bothers you this much, that's the problem.  I would think therapy is your next move.
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