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Obsessive Thoughts!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to see if any of you had any ideas or tips for dealing with this:

I get heart flutters that come and go once in a while. Sometimes it lasts all day and creates a ton of anxiety. But since the last time it happened, the thought and fear of them won't leave my mind. I've had phases of OCD in the past with intrusive thoughts and have had my share of anxiety. But the flutters is really the only thing that is bugging me and the fear won't seem to leave my mind of when it will happen next, though the doctor (had an EKG and it did it for it and he saw) and my parents and family (2 members of my family also have it) have told me it's just probably stress.

So how can I get this health fear out of my mind? And are there any natural ways to prevent heart flutters? Are they harmful at all if there is nothing wrong with my heart in someone who just has lots of anxiety?

~~ Grace

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Hi Grace~

I can sure relate to your fear. I have skipped heart beats and they really flame my anxiety to the moon.

In answer to your question, in a structurally normal heart, they are not dangerous at all, they just feel like it and scare the bejeebers out of a person. As to what to take natural that helps them, well, the herb, Hawthorne is terrific.

Another idea, this may sound weird, but it works, see a chiropractor, sometimes certain vertebrae that are mis-aligned can cause the flutters, especially the T-2 to T-4 region of the back.
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I can also relate to the heart flutters..I used to get them more until I realized they werent dangerous..I go in spirts with my health worries..lately during routine  exams I have been trying meditations for ocd and anxiety..works great..also exercise is helping me..
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