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Ok I am at wits end.... does anyone have IBS with anxiety?

I am feeling aweful today. It seems i can eat something one day then next i can't. any little thing i introduce into my system other than a very bland diet ..triggers something else. Then i worry even though i am on klonopin. It is really starting to get to me. Well at least today my senses are heightened. I am wondering if to call my doctor and go back on an anti-depressant.

Yesterday i was ok. however my husband was out of town for the night. I tried to do as much as i could to stay busy and have fun on the 4th. But my IBS acted up of course. I was also told i need to stay calm.

I am in counseling, and learning ways to cope. even if i have my klonopin...an attck of IBS just doesn't help the worry.

Your input would be helpful,
Thanx much,
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Excellent answer, Lagoya!  For those who have IBS d besides the usual remedies like Imodium (never leave home without it) taking calcium a couple of times a day can help.  Caltrate is a good option because it comes in soft chews with added vitamin D.  Don't get the calcium and magnesium combination.  I can't remember why but I think it has something to do with magnesium creating more problems with diarrhea, so that would kind of be counterproductive for those of us who have enough problems with diarrhea as it is.  The great thing about Caltrate is that you can carry them with you and they only look like a wrapped candy.  I keep some in my purse all the time.
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an ibs attack may have many symptoms that could include painful constipation or the main problem maybe a painless diarrhea also both bowel disturbances can occur together accompanied by abdomonal pain.
additional symptoms may include swelling or distension of the abdomen with wind and unpredictable erratic bowel movements varying from day to day.women are mostly in the ibs-c bracket and men in ibs-d but this can vary also.
ibs can have a lot of triggers stress being one of the big ones.some feel diet now has a big role to play in this while new reserch is looking into the role of certain probiotics as these have antibacterial effects and protect the lining of the intestine.
ibs is a symptom of anxiety but sometimes it  can happen from getting a stomach bug or virus and the nerves lining the stomach get irriated too easily
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are there other things that you can do besides take medication. i havnt started my meds. im in the process of trying to get use to my anxiety meds right now and dont wont to be bombarded with meds!
so when one says they have an IBS attack..what happens?
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Hey Km,

IBS is irratable bowel syndrome... meaning sensitive colon/ digestive system.  

I hope the meds are working for you. The neausea and diarreah are symptoms of IBS.

ANxiety and worry can bring on IBS attack..as well as eating the wrong food for your digestive system.A catch 22 ..;o/ one can work against the other.

I would like to recomend the book "eating for IBS".. as this is what i am now looking into.

Than for the reply,

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this is a dumb question, but was an IBS episode?
my doc gave me meds to keep me regular and says i could be in the beginning stages of IBS or something like that? i dont really understand!
i too have anxiety/panic at my stomach is always rumbling and i get really nauseas and have diarreah.
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Yes, absolutely.  It's particularly difficult when you're in the middle of a lesson in a roomful of students and it hits.  The office is used to my desparate calls for coverage while I rush to the bathroom yet again.  

For me, like you, it seems to fluctuate.  In times of greater stress and angst, it is well night unbearable.  Then, it will calm down.

Know you're not alone, ok?

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i also have ibs along with anxiety and it *****! because having an ibs episode will launch me right into a panic attack! the only way i deal with it is to know before i leave, where the closest and most accesible bathrooms are.... just in case. it helps a little .
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