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Omega 3 fatty acids & fish oil for panic attacks? ryan?

anyone tried this? i'd be interested to know. so many stuidies out there say it does have a postive impact on A.D.D., depression, anxiety, cholesterol, muscle recovery, panic attacks etc...

i bought some...pharmassure fish oil, it has omega 3 fatty acids.

the label reads:
fish oil 870 mg.
epa 240 mg
dha 200 mg.

is this stuff gonna work? is it safe? anyone have any experience with it? i called my pdoc to see what he has to say i'm waiting on him to call me back.

all comments welcome....just trying for overall heath here also...but if i'd dent the anxiety even 10% that'd be ummm i guess "pretty damn cool" is the words!

God Bless


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I take 3 fish oil a day totals about 3600mg a day.  I have been told by numerous Dr.s and books etc. that it is a fantastic supplement for everything that you listed and many more.  I have even noticed a great difference in my hair and skin.  Another good supplement is Magnesium - check into that and see what you think..  If you are low on it you can get anxiety.

Not sure how it's effecting my anxiety because I also started on Zoloft a few months ago, I feel much, much better but I can't pin point exactly what's helping, I guess it doesn't matter I feel great and that's what counts.  

So are your Fish Oils the size of a walnut too???  I get a little freaked every time I take one always make sure someones around to give me the Heimlich in case I choke!!  Hope it works for ya, Erin
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I asked my dr today about the omega-3/fish oil, and he said it is safe!  Good to know, I bought some fish oil supps a few weeks ago b/c I heard its good for my baby :)  Who wouldvethunk it would help my anxiety, too!?!?!  Can't wait to see a difference (although, Paxil will be working its magic as well)....
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I was told by a nutritionist to be careful when buying fish oil.  You need to make sure it is of good quality and does not contain mercury or unhealthy fat, like lard.  One way to tell if it is high quality is to place a tablet in the freezer.  Once it's frozen, cut it with a knife, if it's solid then it contains the kind of fat you don't want.  It should stay in more or less liquid form.  Go to a health food store, they should be able to direct you to the good brands.  

As far as anxiety, I personally don't think it does anything.  I take it but I take it because I heard it's good for the heart.  

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I researched the fish oils thoroughly - you want to take a minimum of 1 gram/daily or 1,000 mg. It's important that you take pharmaceutical grade with the highest level of purity and guarantee of no mercury. You can visit the site by Environmental Defense Fund - they did an in-depth analysis of the purity of all of the brands and ranked them.
If you have a problem finding this, I'll be happy to give you more info. so you can read it.

I picked a brand that is 1,000 mg./capsule, so I only have to swallow 1/day. I may increase my amount, as I've only been on this for about one month.

Re: magnesium - I posted this question a while back, and Ryan (RCA) actually gave his medical run-down on what he felt about using magnesium. If you can't find the post, I'll look for it and send it over.

The magnesium is supposed to be a slow-release type of pill. I also researched which type was the best, but I'm now only using it every other day or so. I cut back after I read Ryan's post.

Let me know if you'd like any of the info. I mentioned.
Good luck...
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i think this whole mercury thing is a little bit overrated. fish is good, fish is bad, milk is good, milk is bad, air is good, air is bad lol. if you over analyze anything too much you will find pros and cons. i got a brand that pharmacists recommend. it seems like a good one. i'm sure it's not going to hurt me. the dosagae is fine. i'm over alot of the med phobia, besides SSRI's...maybe that's a good thing though, who knows. to each his own.

i was just wondering if anyone had positive benefits from fish oil with anxiety, mood, depression etc...i know it's proven to be great for the heart. i'm very active and that's enuff evidence for me to take it.

it's amazing, everyone opinions vary so much, so much misinformation out there, benzo's, ssri's, vitamins, exercise etc....i think ryan was right...the internet is the worst thing besides a nuclear bomb....except for commerce.....soon the entire world will drive it'self crazy due to the mass hysteria of the internet. everyone see their own specialists and they all disagree with each other and everyone is different and has different experiences with different meds, with life, with therapies, meditations etc...

i think we need to listen to a trusted doctor, to our own instincts NOT FEARS and rely on God alot more....the world is becoming faster, dumber, more fearful and lazy.....our new generations might be a little bit more informed but they are also weaker, physically and mentally.....

our grandparents were too tired to have anxiety, cuz they had to work so hard and fight to have enuff food to feed the family. they may have died about 7 years faster than the current generation, but at what price? sorry if i'm ranting.....but i'd rather live 68 years of peace than 80 or more of worry.

not that you can lump it all together like this, but you must admit i have a point.

God Bless Jay...
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im taking fish oil, it doesnt help with anxiety at all, but depression it helps slightly. im also taking paxil which is helping me too.
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I think anxiety and other mental illnesses were just as prevalent during our grandparents' time.  It was just never talked about.  People with mental or emotional illnesses were stigmatized.  They still are, to a certain extent.  

Mercury should be a concern ESPECIALLY if the woman is pregnant.  Pregnant women are instructed by their OBs to not eat fish high in mercury.  

The Internet is a great resource when used wisely.  YES, there is a lot of misinformation out there.  The Internet can be very unhealthy for the mind.  However, I think it's great that we can connect with people that we would otherwise never knew existed, that we can pay our bills without having to use a stamp, that we can buy and sell stock with a click of the mouse, that...oh, yeah, you said "except for commerce" (haha)  

I believe in moderation.  

Anyway, I could go on but I'm tired.  So, good night. (haha)  


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raine9 shut up, you just have a crush on me and want some banter back & forth! haha! ;) j/k

i do NOT think the prevalence of anxiety/depression was the same some 50-70 years ago. it goes along with a hiearchy of needs. reasearch it. when you have to worry about security, a roof over your head, where you next meal comes from etc...you aren't worried about no panic attacks.....face it we are wusses now...well i was...not no more....taking responsibility now....still dealing with panic...i will beat it....it will be completely cured or completely managed....that's just how it's going to be.

yes there is stigma's attatched, but men lie, women lie...numbers don't!

check the research and facts! mwah!

common sense should be used. don't eat tuna or salmon every single day of your life. DUH!  who would want to. is that a balanced diet? or some fad to lose weight or get buff? unhealthy...like i said common sense. a pregnant woman could eat tuna once or twice a week with no problem. any more than that, would NOT be common sense, it'd be stupid and not a balanced diet.

my abs are **** diesel and i dont eat too much fish at all. haha as you have seen! i just workout and eat sensible. no suppliments, no nothing. all i take is klonopin for anxiety. i also drink ensure for some extra vitamins and calories, try to put on some weight for a photo shoot and album promo i got coming up...tanning bed ain't too great, but i have to do it from time to time for a month or so...but oh well....have fun...life is short.....did take creaton for for a few months like 10 years ago. it works, you get bigger and stronger, but it's mostly cuz of all the sugar in it when you workout you have so much more energy and can lift more and longer and it helps muscles recover faster so you can workout more frequently BUT most of the effects on your "looks"  from creation are water weight. makes u look bigger. people love that. but i found its not too good on the liver...

tag your it asian sensation!

God Bless Jay!
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everyone is advised not to eat fish too high in mercury ;)
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i feel that today's society has grown tremendously with people who have anxiety. i feel that we don't do as much physical stuff as our grandparents did . . . we sit on computers, watch t.v, drive, and work in cubicals. i think anxiety is over stimulus of brain activity and the inbalance of physical body movement and mind movement. also, today's society is stressful! no one has time to do anything, school, work, everyday. bills to pay, things to buy to "keep up with the jones's". i bet people who live simple but physically hard lifestyles such as bands in africa or the french who have copius amounts of leisure time don't have half as much anxiety and depression issues as we do as americans.we rely on drugs way too much, to eat, to stay awake, to stay thing. it's too artificial for the natural human thinking mind. i think.
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Thinking about your question prompted me to make a journal entry:

"Medications, supplements, and vitamins -Oh My!"

I hope it is useful to you.
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good info JS.

man this place is so much better than healingwell dot com...

can actually speak your mind here and help eachother without some regime of moderators watching your every move and telling you what you can and can't say!

guess i have a resentment against them. since they kicked me off for stating the truth and helping a girl cross a bridge she couldn't get over for years!!!!! i need to work on this resentment for my 4th step in A.A.

anyway...medhelp is a great site

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