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I just recently started having Panic Attacks/Anxiety.  I've been feeling light headed and I feel like im going to pass out, and im dizzy.  Im so scared of being alone when I do pass out or while im driving. I feel like in a zone when its happening to me.  Is there a cure?
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This sounds like anxiety but you need to see your doctor for an evaluation.  If this is anxiety/panic attacks, know they won't hurt you.  Most of us at some point are/were fearful of an attack while driving or alone.  Panic attacks are a normal response coming at the wrong time.  It's our "fight or flight" mode which kicks in when we are in danger, and floods our bodies with adrenaline so we can fight or run to protect ourselves. Since the extra adrenaline isn't needed our body has no way of using it and it results in a panic attack.  Therapy and/or medication can control the panic attacks.  Do your best to remain calm, and talk yourself down, knowing it won't hurt you and will end soon.  Exercise is great for anxiety and if you're able walk, or pace during an attack to burn up the adrenaline do it.  Avoid caffeine which increases our anxiety. You want to see a psychiatrist for an evaluation because they are most knowlegable when it comes to the medications used for this and can refer you to the proper therapist.  Don't wait on this, the sooner you seek help....the sooner you can get your life back to normal.  We're always here for you, understand and care.  
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What has led you to believe that you are having panic/anxiety?  Did you get the symptoms you are having checked out by a doctor?  Just trying to get clarification before I say any more.  
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yea you must be check out for everything forsy before assuming its anxiety

but i have been dizzy for 6 months now after my full check up with MRI's and everything, the drs are saying its anxiety. i to just asked a few other people if they feel lightheaded all the time like me

its annoying and makes me very uneasy
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I had panic attacks for years and thought i could never get better UNTIL I discovered they CANNOT HARM ANYONE. They are only sensations and have no control over a life although I thought they did.

Anxiety is only adrenalin.

Adrenaline is reabsorbed into the body within 2-3 minutes.

Remember the FACTS, Anxiety or PANIC although scary is harmless.  Embrace it. Laugh at it. Enjoy getting better!!
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STRESS  build up causes more panic attacks , destroy   the stress
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