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sorry people but i run a 24hr crisis line for anxiety out of my home.. 75% of my calls start with i just googled this side effect or symptom and i think i have.. dont do it people it is by far not a benefit to anyone with our disorder.
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I will reitterate your advice,which is SO true.DO NOT GOOGLE SYUMPTOMS.I believe the internet,although helpfull ,has created a whole generation of cyberchondriacs!I am definitely in this group.Thanking you for your contribution to helping people out.Best regards,
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Folks, the problem with Googling symptoms is the problem of a one way door. It swings just ONE way. Let me explain. If you have a cold, you might expect symptoms of runny nose, a little fever, a cough, etc. That is to say, almost ALL colds have those things. But those symptoms DO NOT mean you have a cold. You could have an allergy (runny nose) a reaction to a bug bite (fever) and be coughing (because you smoke too much) and you certainly do NOT have a cold.

Try this logic: All men are cops. Jody is a cop. Is Jody a man? NOT necessarily. All we said was that ALL men are cops -we didn't say that NO women are cops. Therefore, knowing that Jody is a cop doesn't tell us if Jody is male or female.

Try this: All panic people have elevated levels of arenalin in their blood. Joe has elevated adrenalin levels. Therefore Joe has panic. WRONG. Joe may have just had the most exciting sexual experience of his life and is nowhere even close to panic. And by the way, I don't know if, in fact, higher adrenalin goes with panic or not. I just made it up as an example.

So, when you go trolling for symptoms on the 'net, I can GAR-ON-TEE you'll find whatever it is that's scaring the daylights out of you -how can you not?

Point being, why add fuel to the fire?

'Nuff said?

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