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PLEASE HELP !Can anxiety cause symptoms of MS

hi !
I am 15 and have a problem. My grandfather had MS
I am anxious of getting MS, i have some symptoms.

1. I experience tickling/discomfort in my toe, the paresthesia is only on the toe or on my hand fingers(it isnt moving, it just like something just slightly tuched or burned my skin).
2. My feet are really cold
3. I get muscle cramps every so often. Not on a regular basis.

Otherwise I am healthy...No diabetes...I suffer from anxiety
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It is quite common to worry about various conditions when we are experiencing anxiety in my opinion....especially when it as affected a loved one.  For example, my original experience with anxiety came with concerns about my heart health after my grandfather had passed away from complications from heart disease.  In my mind, I experienced all the classic symptoms of someone that was experiencing heart problems....chest pains, palpatations, etc...you name it, I felt it. I became so hyper aware of symptoms that I felt every little pain, twinge, etc.  I also misinterepreted many of my feelings and symptoms as something wrong with my heart, when in fact it was just a normal part of daily life.
What does your doctor say about it?  You said that you do experience anxiety...are you able to get counseling to learn to confront it?  
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