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Yesterday I had a massive massive thump or tug at my heart... shot down from my shoulder to my heart... felt like it squuezed it very hard made it stop for a few seconds... then followed by very strong chest pain and tightntess.. I swore i was having a heart attack!!  I drove myself to my wifes work where I knew she could calm me down..  THis was the scariest attack ive ever had... I have anxiety and that didnt help... My question is,  CAN PVC'S BE THAT STRONG AND CAUSE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME YESTERDAY... I ended up goin to ER later last nite to double check if i had indeed had a heart attack..  They ran my blood, ekg, had me on heart monitor for 3 hours, and chest xrays... Evertyihng came out normal...  The doctor did say that anxiety, and pvc can cause this.. My other question is, CAN THEY BE  THIS STRONG, SHE SAID YES... THAT HER HUSBAND HAS THEM AND THEY SCARE HIM DAILY..  CAN ANYONE ELSE SHARE  A PVC STORY SIMILAR TO MINE?  I NEED SOME COMFORT IN THIS AREA PLEASE!!    also i have had anxiety symptoms for almost 4 months now... im 31 and this yr ahs been my worst yr health wise... my parents are both alive, there is no jhistory of family heart attacks... I had a aunt die at age 55 from a heart attack, but she was a heavy drinker and more...  ok thank you all PLEASE REPSOND
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Cardiac symptoms are one of the most common things with anxiety.  Palpitations, racing beat, 'rolling over' feeling, chest pain, tightness, etc..are almost always present with anxiety at one point or other and are the dominant features of panic attacks.
Have you seen a doctor about your symptoms?  
Rest assured that anxiety can cause a wide variety of symptoms and can be quite disabling.
Have your doctor refer you to a good psychiatrist and you can find relief from your symptoms.
Take care.
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i agree they are one of the worst symptons that are related to anxiety,maybe you could talk to us about why your anxiety started four months ago.
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thank you both..   its been about 3 months actually..  and it all just started out of nowhere really... I mean we had a new baby boy in may this year, but he is healthy.. I lost my job which of course is not good.. and just over all life stress...  and then may 23rd was the first attack..  and since may 23rd Ive had about 10-15 attacks.. AND EACH ONE IS WORSE AND GETS WORSE..  so my fear level has shot thru the roof..  I have had echo stress test done, I have had a cat scan of my heart, chest done, several ekgs, several chest xrays,  13 ER visits... tried many meds.... so im just scared daily that it truly is my heart.. I mean even the doc tells me anxiety can do this and cause this stuff, but I guess the pain I feel is so scary that i cant see it just being anxiety...  i literally am terrified to be alone, terrified to drive...  Ifeel like my heart is gonna burst and go out any second... I HATE LIVING THIS WAY... and this last attack happened thursday... they ran blood, ekg, chest xray and alll came out clear.... and saturday -today i felt like ok i feel better and maybe this willl die down.. AND THEN TODAY I GET THE SQUEEZING HEART FEELING , FOLLOWED BY SHARP PAINS AND TIGHTNESS IN MY CHEST, AND THEN LEFT SHOULDER PAIN, ALSO THROAT IS GETTING TIGHT..  I AM ON LORAZAPEM, SO I TOOK ONE JUST NOW AND 1 ASPIRIN....     IJUST TRULY NEED TO SEEK HELP OR GET HELP FROM YOU GUYS.. IM JUST IN MY 3 RD MONTH OF THIS JUNK AND IM LOSING MY MIND....  IVE NEVER EVER BEEN SICK LIKE THIS... 31 YEARS OLD NOW... AND TECHNICALLY ALL THIS STARTED THIS YEAR IN FEB, CAUSE I THINK THEN I WAS HAVING TINY PANIC ATTACKS AND THEN NOW THEY ARE BUILT UP FULL ON SCARE ME TO DEATH ATTACKS....  HOW CAN IT NOT BE MY HEART..   I RENTED  A FEW BOOKS SATURDAY AT THE LIBRARY ON ANXIETY, I READ MY BIBLE AND ALL THAT HELPS.. BUT WHEN THE PAIN COMES, I CANT CONTROL IT... AND I DAILY KEEP MY PHONE BY ME AND 911 IS NUMBER ONE IN MY PHONE... PLEASE HELP WITH ANY SIMILAR STORIES AND WHAT I CAN TAKE OR DO....  MY PERSONAL DOC SAYS TO DO THE GERD TEST, BUT MY INS DOESNT COVER IT...   SO DOES GERD CAUSE THE NASTY ATTACK I HAD THURSDAY... I SWEAR I THOUGHT I WAS DEAD... I EVEN TEXTED MY FAMILY GOODBYE AND SAID I LOVED THEM... AGAIN THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AND PLEASE HELP
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Hi,had u have an echo yet? In a normal structural heart most pvc wont cause any serious problem and this is wat most cardiologist will tell you and if ur pvc arent that alot in nos they wont prescribe u any medications on it
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yes r9c   I had a echo and stress test and cat scan all done about 5 weeks ago... all came out clear...
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every test you have had done is normal,i think it is time to discuss therapy with your doctor so they can teach you ways to try and control these attacks,they are all very scary,but are fed by our minds.
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thank you so much.. I am looking into joining support groups also.. im scared daily and i hate it
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I feel for you, I am a 31 year old female and thats been going on with me for years now. Sometimes it will just be palpitations and sometimes it will feel like my heart stops or it will get stuck in odd rythems. And even at night it feels like its beating so hard i can count the beats just by the vibration of it. And as long as I have been going through it I can never get used to it. It scares me into a bad anxiety attack. I have had every test in the book and everyone will say Im healthy. To me that helps going to the doc at least 3 times a month and get everything checked at least I know I am okay. Are you on any meds for your anxiety?

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Welcome to the wonderful world of ANXIETY!!!
I had my first spells when I was 10 yrs old. I used to wake up with shaking knees & chattering teeth. Then later in my early 20's it left me for years. Then after I had my 2 kids & went through a divorce it came back. Then it left again. Then it came back. Then it left again & now it is back. Get what I am saying? It happens out of nowhere & scares you to death. I used to take Zoloft for 3 years until I reached a point I did not need it no more. Then after being off of it for 7 years, I am back on it,along with Xanax at bedtime. I am 47 year old female, & going through a LOT of stress & changes right now, so I am not surprised. However I STILL continue to think it is my heart because I wake up with a racing heart, I can be sitting & it will take off & I can be laughing in a dream & be woken up with racing heart & gasping for air. Serotonin is a natural brain chemical that controls a lot of things. Our brain controls our bodies functions & dysfunctions. You o.k .& will not die from it. Your brain chemical is out of whack & there are different reasons why it can be. Zoloft is a good med & is tolerated by most, with little to no side effects. It is not a happy pill or a pill for the moment.It is a pill that you take everyday to keep the serotonin levels up & when they are up you will be amazed at how much differently you feel & think. THINKING is a lot of the problem. I still think it is my heart too, & I have had EKG,ECHO,STRESS TEST,48 HOUR HALTER MONITOR & SEVERAL IMAGES OF MY HEART...& ALL was normal.
I still check my pulse & everything...but have only been back on my Zoloft for 7 weeks & it can take up to 8 weeks & 6 months to get full effect. I had recently went to a new Dr & she is telling me the same thing....ANXIETY & of course I have been told that my heart racing can be due to GERD...which I am like you...IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Well after several Dr appointments, & about 15 calls to 911 in my life....I am always being told it is anxiety & to get not only medical help for the symptoms, but psychological help too because thinking,worrying & fear are really a majority of how we handle things like these when they hit.
Just do what your suppose to do,exercise,eat right,avoid caffeine,alcohol & smoke & of course PRAYER & you will be fine & learn to deal with it or more than likely, overcome it.
God Bless You!
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thank you roxcie... I sent you a email as well.. thankyou very much
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