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PVC's-really bad-anxiety or not?

I don't know if anyone experiences PVC's due to anxiety but let me share this incase anyone else sufferes as I do.  

I have been doing pretty good with my PVC's, but yesterday I had one so bad, worse then anything I have had since the onset of my PVC's in May of last year.  It lasted like 2-3 seonds and I felt like I might pass out immediately after (I don't know if that is considered having a couplet or not).  I was so afraid that after I was able to get myself together I just sat on the couch afraid to move.  This was one of those really ugly ones where it feels like your heart stops for a moment and you feel like you are going to drop dead at any second.  I just don't know what to do anymore, I am at my wits end!!  I feel like nobody can help me, no doctors, therapist, family, NOBODY.  I am losing my mind over these things!!  I feel like I am going to die from sudden death at any moment now.   I mean I literally was in my kitchen talking to my husband and kids and it hit me out of nowhere and I almost dropped to my knees but I was too afraid to DO THAT!  I don't know what brought it on either.  I went to a dinner party ealier and had some some mango tea, but the host told me it had no caffeine in it!  

Has anyone experienced any PVC's like this?  I don't mean the hard beats or the thumping, I mean the kind that stop you in your track and make you feel like you are going to drop right then and there?  I feel like I am the only one and maybe the doctors are missing something and it will be too late when they do find out what is wrong with me.  I have been thru the various tests, worn the monitors and am on a beta blocker for my PVC's; but I can't increase the dosage because it makes me too lethargic and I don't think I get them often enough to take flecanide (sp) or anything like that.  Besides, the side effects for antiarrhythmia drugs scare me worse then the PVC's.

Everyone keeps telling me it's anixety, but I just can't believe that anxiety can make me feel like THIS.  I know the "usual" signs of anxiety, i.e. fast heart beats, nausea, feeling like you are going to fanit,-which I also experience, but the irregular beats are a whole 'nother animal.  Please someone help me out, I really need to feel like I am not going to die from these things and leave my three kids and husband.  I have been in tears over this and am extremely depressed!  

I have experience a tremendous amount of stress over the past few years, but I have no idea anymore if that is what is wrong with me.  Folk, I feel like I am coming out of my skin-I am just that afraid!!!!
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I have had many many PVC's my whole life that are just as you are describing, and I am still here. :) I am 51 years old and have always suffered from skipped beats. And I have had many of the ones where your heart feels like it is just going to stop. I have had all the tests and the drs. say I am fine and to ignore the PVC's. Easy to say, but hard to do. I am in therapy to help me deal with the anxiety and am hoping that it helps with the PVC's as well. Take care, and try to ignore the skipped beats the best you can. You have had the tests and so all you can do now is deal with them and relax to the best of your ablility....and pray a lot. It helps.

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I appreciate your post, and not to sound combative, but you have actually had the ones that make you feel like you may lose your breath or worse conciousness?  It is a BAD, BAD feeling.  I try to believe my doctor, but it's hard when these things hit and hit hard!  I sincerely appreciate your post, you just don't know how much better it makes me feel to see that someone else has experienced they type of PVC's that I have.

I do pray, every waking moment, but the enemy knows my fears and I tend to let him "enter" my mind when I know better and know who my Father is.  But all I can do is keep praying and try to increase my faith.  You are so right, prayer really does help....a lot :-)
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not to sound stupid, but what is PVC?
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It's Premature Ventricular -ugh, can you believe I forgot what "c" stands for.  Anyway, they are what feels like your heart skpping beats, or extra beats.  Believe me you do NOT want to know the more I think about it :-)  They are pretty bad.
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I had PVC's and they drove me crazy.  Along with the anxiety they were enough to make anyone aggitated.  I would go to the Emergency Room and the Docs would always say I had to learn to live with them.  
I finally saw a cardiologist and he put me on a Beta Blocker (Atenolol) and behold they went away.  I took the Atenolol for 6 months and then I tapered of of it.  That was 6 years ago and I haven't had a single PVC since then.
Talk to your Doc and see if you can take a low dose of a beta blocker.  Keep in mind it will make you feel lousy for the first week or so but it goes away after that.
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I just read the post by melianne87 titled "wow! Please read"  It hasn't been buried yet so you can still click on it up in the right hand corner under "recent activity"  I thought it was really enlightening.  
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