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Palpitation and anxiety

I am 23y/o male, large built, overweight- about 40 lbs. I was hospitalized for 2 days due to cardiac arrythmia 3 months ago. The final discharge diagnoses include subclinical hypothyroidism, GERD and dyslipidemia. I was tested with an echocardiogram with Doppler study and it says "essentially normal 2D-echo" results. After that I suffered anxiety for the one month, that I cannot even watch movies or show in the TV because I was always nervous even with the actions of a film. I took leave of absence from my job for that one month period and when I came back, I always felt anxiety. Having panic attack during sleep was the most horrible thing that's happened to me. I didn't know what to do. I was always afraid of dying, even until now, though my condition improved.

I was again tested with 2D-echo and now with stress ECG, and thyroid function tests, and again results are normal. But I'm still suffering from palpitations during excitements and pressure on upper chest which include short breathing and anxiety during sleep. Will someone give me advice or is there somebody suffering the same as me? Will appreciate your thoughts and tips.
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These are very common symptoms of chronic anxiety sufferers, though they can also be caused by an underactive thyroid -- something not necessarily well-treated or understood by allopathic docs.  You're at an age when problems like chronic anxiety break out.  It sounds like you need some major lifestyle changes in exercise and diet, which might help -- some seaweed might be all you need for the thyroid -- but I would also get into therapy quickly with a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment so that, no matter what the ultimate cause turns out to be you can stop the kind of thinking you're beginning to adopt.
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I surfed some websites about thyroid health and one I can remember, it says though the result in thyroid function tests declare that my hormones are in normal limits, there are still optimal range that a doctor should look up to when a patient is still suffering from symptoms. I haven't validated this yet from my physicians but it works for me to think of this as effects of hormonal changes rather than that of a heart issue. Well I guess medications here in the Philippines vary from that of western practice. I am a Filipino by the way, and it is nice of you to address my concern. Will try your tips. :)
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Hey Johraf.

Paxiled offered you some good advice.

Here's my 2 cents worth:
Unfortunately MOST hypothyroidism cases are not diagnosed because of flawed testing.
The standard testing TSH and T4 miss the ...mark in more cases than not.
These tests only test for the circulating levels of these 2 hormones and not for the actual function of  bioavailable T3, which is the hormone used in the cells.
In such a case the patient has exactly the same clinical presentation as
patients who do not produce enough thyroid hormones, yet their doctors
usually go only by the negative labs, leaving the patient with unregulated low thyroid function!
It is no different for diabetes type 2, where patients have insulin resistance,  while they have adequate levels of insulin released in the circulation.

Please rule this out by asking and insisting for Free T4, Free T3 and Reverse T3.

You may also do a screening test on your own (which was the golden standard method of testing in the past, along with clinical symptoms and history, by doing Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature Test.

Hmm, the dx of  dyslipidemia might be of interest as it also happens to be a hallmark characteristic of hypothyroidism. Note: Not all  dyslipidemic patients have hypothyroidism though.
--------Effects of Thyroid Dysfunction on Lipid Profile-----
Abstact: Thyroid dysfunction has a great impact on lipids as well as a number of other cardiovascular risk factors. Hypothyroidism is relatively common and is associated with an unfavorable effect on lipids. Substitution therapy is beneficial for patients with overt hypothyroidism, improving lipid profile. However, whether subclinical hypothyroidism should be treated or not is a matter of debate. On the other hand, hyperthyroidism can be associated with acquired hypocholesterolemia or unexplained improvement of lipid profile. Overall, thyroid dysfunction should be taken into account when evaluating and treating dyslipidemic patients."
---Source: Open Cardiovascular Medicine Journal  2011; 5: 76–84.---

Also look into the calming effects of magnesium, which BTW is a necessary
mineral for good thyroid function and it may help with anxiety, palpitations,
fear, nervousness, restlessness, irritability and arrhythmia issues.
I personally take hexahydrate magnesium chloride- ( MgCl2(H2O)x-
25 grams diluted in 1 Liter spring water, sipped very slowly over 48 hours for maintenance and over 24 hours as a therapeutic remedy.
I also do magnesium oil transdermal treatments a couple times a week.
If you need details let me know.

Your GERD diagnosis is of concern, specially if it has to do with   hypochlorhydria (low gastric acid) , which is actually more common than
hyperchlorhydia (high gastric acid) in GERD cases.
What makes it worse is that doctors routinely prescribe acid lowering drugs,
without testing gastric acid levels.
The problem with that is that you will have malabsorption issues taking those meds when you have low gastric acid like  B12 deficiencies among
many other deficiencies, SIBO and a lot more complications which could be contributing factors to your arrhythmia and anxiety issues.
You can do your own test by doing a Betaine HCL trial.
Just follow the instructions and if you consistently feel better, you know you have low gastric acid.

Best wishes.

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Thanks for all your info Sir Niko :). Well honestly I cannot understand most of what you have said, but one thing I know for sure- there's something wrong with my stomach acid issue. I will bring it up to my doctor once I meet him again. Now I am taking pantoprazole as anti-acid and domperidone for bloating  (both prescribed by my cardiologist as temporary remedy) since there's nothing abnormal with my heart tests. Sometimes they work, mostly no effect. Good thing is, I only suffered from anxiety issues, but it did not kill me. Now I am trying to live my life just the way it is before, no worries, just pure good vibes. Can you lend me some tips on what should and shouldn't I eat? I think my eating habit affects my condition big time. Well thanks for your comment on my post, I'm so blessed to find a social site like this and be a part of an online community where I can relate my condition. I hope all of us seek our comfort sooner. Take care!!!
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Brief summary of what Niko said:  doctors aren't very good at diagnosing certain things, digestive problems and thyroid problems being two of the main ones.  For one thing, they're often in too much of a hurry.  Some believe you not only need to test T3 but also T1 and T2.  The only people here in the US who you can usually reliably get to do thorough thyroid testing are holistic nutritionists -- docs almost always test only for TSH.  As for digestive problems such as GERD, it's a digestive problem, meaning it's related somehow either to the food you're eating or your colonies of beneficial organisms.  The medications used suppress stomach acid, but since you need that acid to digest protein and minerals, the stomach just keeps producing more and more and overworking itself, which puts you back to square one.  So keep the pressure on your docs to be thorough and do your homework.  
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