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Panic/Anxiety attacks?

Last week I drank a cup of coffee and a monster energy drink and it really made me sick. Ever since then Ive been stressing about it. I was puking, jittery, and my heart was racing. Well since then Ive been feeling really weird off and on. I'll feel really good and then all of sudden I'll get a thousand thoughts in my head and my heart starts racing, I'll feel scared, nausea, the feeling i need to use the bathroom (1&2), pressure in my chest, and just completly scared. Am I over reacting because what happened with all that caffeine I consumed, Ive really been stressing over it
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Caffeine can definitely raise your anxiety levels, but it is temporary.  Caffeine does not stay in the body for days, but for hours.  With many people with anxiety, they are advised not to consume caffeine because it does make one feel jittery.

Have you had anxiety issues in the past?  
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I have anxiety and I always was wondering if I could drink coffee and what not. I dont drink soda or anything other than coffee which has caffine in it. The only bad thing is I drink alot of coffee could this make my anxiety get worse do you think?
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Sorry to hear about the panic attacks and being scared.  Your reactions are quite normal.  Caffeine is a stimulant and when suffering from anxiety/panic attacks it would be best to avoid coffee but most of all those Energy drinks.  Remember if you read about them they cause individuals who do not even suffer from anxiety to feel fast heart palpitations..basically I think they are poison for your body. Stay away from them. However when it comes to coffee you have to be the judge of that.  For some, like myself in the morning it doesn't affect me at all. but I cannot have caffeine in the afternoon.  I don't think the energy drink you had is still in your system and bothering you, it is more you worrying about. Just try and relax cause you are going to be okay.  Another thing about those energy drinks..my son who works out alot at his gym started drinking those Red Bulls like they were going out of style until he got so sick and had to go to the ER...he complained about his chest hurting and and feeling jittery too.  The doctors told him those energy drinks had everything to do with it.  Now he just works out and stopped taking that stuff and he is perfectly fine.  

Feel better soon, and remember you are going to be okay.
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ive had this same problem!
but i know what the cause was, a cup of coffee a cup of soda and later on in the day a whole rockstar energy drink ( yikes!) (BUT that had never happened before!)
and now if i drink caffeine, like today i just drank a soda and later on when its time for me to sleep i got frantic. there was also something i noticed, i get jittery and such if i stay still but if im active after i drink it, it seem to not affect me, i just hate this jittery feeling and im kind of glad im not the only one who had this dilemma!
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