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Panic Attack / Anxiety Attack

Just wanted some of you to post some of the symptoms you guys have when a Panic/Anxiety attack happens.
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I've had all the above and a wierd, detached from reality feeling, which made me really think I was dieing...very lame.
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My wife is going through this right now. the doctors all say she is having anxiety/panic attacks. The first time it happnened we were driving  and all of a sudden she felt a numb and tingly feeling all over her body so she pulled over and I started to drive. Couple seconds later her whole body was cramped up and pretty much paralized. I called 911 and she was brought to the er, they told her it was hyperventalation syndrome caused from anxiety. They said she blew off all her carbon dioxide, and thats what cause her whole body to cramp up. She was alright for a couple weeks after that and now its starting all over again. This last time it happened she felt the left side of her head and body go numb and then the rest to follow, along with the racing heart etc. We are not sure if its even anxity but the gave her some xanax and it does not seem to help all that much....
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can someone heelp me plz :(
i dont know what to do or what is this pain in my head causing the panic attacks
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panic attacks:

pit feeling in stomach, magnified by about 50
heart racing
overwhelming feeling of doom
rapid breathing
constant pacing and racing around (not sitting still)
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I get an overwhelming nervous feeling in my stomach that makes me want to immediately 'bolt' from whatever situation I might be in.

Maybe I'm working out at the gym...then bam...I suddenly feel like I've got to rush out.
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I agree with carockwell2002. Visualization is a joke to me, It's physical and you can't run from the feeling, you can't tell your pounding heart a good joke and expect for it to laugh and get over it. Why do doctors feel that they can tell us to do something that is not proven to work and they have never BEEN THERE..?? I need meds when I go through this, unfortunately, I have no insurance and HAVE TO visualize weather it works or not and it DOES'NT!! Thank you all for your input though..even though thinking about panic attacks makes me feel like I'm going to have one, I need the people to support my internal fight, THANK YOU!!.....MUAHHZ!!
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I suffer from severe anxiety on a daily bases, and have panic attacks from time to time....I read all the posts amd everything that everyone wrote pretty much sums it up...Everyone has different symptoms and ANXIETY/PANIC ATTACKS is seriously the worst thing I deal with in life...Its not fun and its something that you will never get used to...At least I dont...There are drugs of course and there are techniques to use but when you suffer from a lot of anxiety, the last time and the next time you have that attack always seems to be the same!  Ive found techniques sometimes to calm me down but usually I just deal with it...Especially if your alone it really *****!!...but anyways I was laughing when I was reading all the posts that people put that they go through when anxiety occurs, because its true and the weirdest stuff happens when you are dealing with anxiety...Be thankful I am laughing now (anxiety free) because im sure it wont be long until I go through all those damn symptoms myself!...
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Sometimes I have all of these symptoms at ONCE! Or just some of them.

Rapid Heart Rate
Bad butterflies in stomach/Nervous Stomach/Knots in stomach
Loss of appetite.
Crying spells
Night sweats
Night terrors
Constant Pacing Around! (can't sit still)
De realization

Now those are ANXIETY symptoms I have. Sometimes I get all of those symptoms at ONE TIME, and they don't go away like a panic attack does, THEY STICK AROUND FOR 2 WEEKS OR MORE!

It's terrible.

Now panic attack symptoms I get... are

Pins and Needles feeling
Nervous stomach

Then my panic attack leaves usually after 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
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It all starts with either a flutter in my heart or a dizzy feeling. I then wonder what the hell that was and from there my thoughts go crazy and i have a full blown panic attack. I usually feel this huge rush go over my entire body.  I'm guessing that's the adrenaline.  My lips tingle.  My hands and feet usually tingle.  Sometimes my arms feel really stiff or like jelly. Palms sweat.  I feel like I'm going to poop all of my insides out.  I'm not breathing right.  I'm breathing too much or not enough.  I can't get enough air or am i getting too much?. I can't stop shaking and feel really cold.  I end up thinking I'm dying.  This is the end.  I feel like I'm going to loose consciousness and not wake up.  I'm having a stroke, a seizure, or a heart attack.  My new thing is "i'm anemic and it's killing me."    I've been having panic attacks for 5 years now on and off and symptoms change from time to time.  
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I have the same exact symptoms how do i fix that
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I can sympathize with the emergency room visit. I thought I was having a heart attack or I was going to pass out, but when I got there and they ran all the tests I was fine. My physician couldn't explain the symptoms I had so he told me to just ignore them and breathe into a paper bag. I eventually went to a therapist who told me I had anxiety and panic attacks. It was upsetting that my physician didn't diagnose me because panic attacks are as real as any other disorder. I've had to educate myself through the internet basically. I have learned certain tricks and one that helps is a placebo. When ever I start to feel anxious I take a tumbs and tell myself that I will be fine in a few minutes.

Does anyone else have advice?
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Well lets see heart palpitations, lightheaded, paresthesias, sweating, shortness of breath..... Yeah that pretty much sums it up.....Ive been to the ER twice and every time I had an ekg, xrays etc...They told me im fine
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I was watching 'Sober House' with Dr Drew and Seth ran off and had an actual heart attack, then all of the sudden, I felt dizzy and nauseated and ran to the bathroom thinking I was either going to puke or pass out. It passed and then the rest of the night it kept happening, like every 5 minutes. I checked my blood pressure once and it was high! 145 over 105. I got no sleep and eventually went to the ER the next day about noon. Nothing..........BP was fine, heart was fine..blah blah They like to laugh at us there, they think we are sad cases of nervous crud..But this feels really REAL! Like you are parked on the train tracks waiting to be crushed into minute particles all over the place..
You feel a chill, then the nausea hits, then the dizziness, then the heart starts pounding, then you get all shaky and scared. Same as a bad hangover I guess..It just *****.
I'm not watching that show anymore, and I'm not listening to people telling me that they are scared for me because I'm an overweight smoker...that scares me more..I just start assuming any feeling I get is a prelude to a heart attack..
The FEAR FACTOR!! Whoosa.........Finding my center...
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lets see, lump in throat, i get warm all over stomach muscles ache, i get a little sweaty, shaky, i get light headed, (mind you this is a fully blown panic attack for me.) if its just anxiety i usually have a pit in my stomach or feel like i HAVE to go to the bathroom. i also sometimes have shallow breathing. so im trying to working on keeping my breathing normal cause i know lack of oxygen can cause all of the above symptoms i listed.
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For me it's..

Feeling like you might pass out
Feeling of Impending doom
Thoughts that last time it was a panic attack but now there is really something wrong.
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for me its...

1. hot flash! thats the worst
2. dizzy, lightheaded
3. act a little irrational
4. worrying that it could be more serious than it is...

im trying natural cures, i dont want to be on some crazy drug for the rest of my life! i just work out and drink lots of water
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All these possiable Panic / Anxiety attacks symptoms are health related. So here we go.

1) Web Surfing for answers to my health issue (Heart)
2) Lightheaded
3) Dizzyspells (Hands and Fingers Tingling with these sometimes)
4) Heart Palps
5) Hot Flash
6) Constent worry
7) Pulse Checking...way to many times a day. (Same with BP readings, Thnaks CVS)
8) Thoughts of Doom...you know like this is it.

Had a whole work up done at the Cardio Doc. Nuke Stess, Echocardiogrm came back ok. 48 hour monitor picked up a few PVC's and PAC's. Currently on a 21 day Holter Monitor as we speak. (On day 20)

Just trying to get back to normal ya know. All this started with a close death in the family. He was 49 years. The cause was a heart attack. All this started roughly about that time. So I am sure Anxiety/Panic has something to do with it.

Well thats about the sum of it. Just want to match up with others.
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i get tightness in the chest, palpatations, my minds starts racing, sweaty palms, and my skin starts burning....lol i hate it!!! So what are your symptoms?

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It varies from person to person. From dizzyness, sweating, thumping heartbeat, headaches, feeling like you are going to pass out, pins and needles. You name it people have wrote about it on here. All as symptoms of panic / anxiety.
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