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Panic Attack during an MRI

I've been having headaches for a couple of months now, so I have convinced myself that I have a tumor or something.  I finally went to the Dr. yesterday as I knew I would not feel better about this until I found some answers.  The Dr. ordered a MRI for this morning.  I have never had one done and didn't know what to expect, so I was quite anxious about it.  Well, I lasted about 3 minutes in the MRI before I had a full-blown panic attack.  My heart started racing beyond anything and I couldn't breathe.  My body got tingly and numb feeling.  I thought for sure I was going to die in there.  I have always had anxiety, but I have never had a panic attack.  It was the worst feeling in the world and I think I have PTSD from it.  I called my Dr.'s office back and they have now scheduled me for a CT Scan and to take a Xanax before had.  I have never taken Xanax before, so I am wondering if anyone out there knows if this will help with the anxiety?  I've had CT Scans before, but my heart starts racing so bad from worrying and it so unpleasant.  I am hoping the Xanax will help me stay calm and not have my heart race like that.  
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My anxiety started from an MRI scan too - i am also suffering from daily headaches and feeling off balance. Since then i have been a mess - i am convinced the mri may have damaged my brain - i really feel like i am losing my mind. Mt family just think it's anxiety, but i can't stop worrying it has damaged me.

My doc has prescribed citalopram for anxiety and depression - i really hope it works and i hate feeling this way :-(

I hope you feel better soon xx
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To nicnoc237-My Dr. said she thought my headaches were from my Birth Control pill and hormones, but she wanted me to have a scan done just to make sure there was nothing going on in there, which is fine with me so I will know if I am ok or if there is really something going on!  I have anxiety anyways, but the MRI this morning topped it off.  I take Prozac which seems to help my anxiety, but this morning was nothing like I have ever experienced!  I think I would have to be completely put under to have that done again!
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Me too....not a nice experience is it! Especially for those of us who suffer from anxiety. I hope the xanax manages to relax you a little bit xx
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I sure hope so...I've had CT Scans before, but I am betting with this last experience, my nerves will be going out the roof...I hope the Xanex can calm me down.
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I have had severe panic attacks and very claustrophobic.  I am having so much back pain I am forced to go to the dr.  I know he will order an mri.  I take clonazepam at night for sleep and panic.  I'm already scared to death.   Please give any suggestions.  
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Hi guys. What were the results? How many of u had Demyelination issues? I am elektrosensitivity and I'm positive that the low frequencies of the magnetic fields damaged something...I also have a clue about what happend and has to do with mold. If anybody is still on this topic I will follow and reply. So what came as result? Thanks
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