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Panic Attacks & Agoraphobia With Propranolol

I am a 22 year old female. Ive suffered from panic and anxiety since I was very young. The illness runs in my family. I have never had anything bad or traumatizing happen to cause it. Just hereditary I guess. I only had to start taking medication after I gave birth to my daughter which is when then got too bad to control alone. I have been on EVERY Antidepressant there is out there im pretty sure. My problem when I got my anxiety and panic attacks was that I thought I was going to pass out, I felt sweaty and heart beating fast. I had it pretty much under control with medication until 4 days ago when I woke up I had a panic attack right away and it was lasting all day. I cant sleep right, I cant eat, and my symptoms are a little different ( feeling like I cant catch my breath ). Right now I am on paxil 10 mg a day, clonapins and xanex. I finally seen my psychiatrist today and she put me on propranolol. 20 mg once a day...Do you think this will help me? Im tired of this taking over my life. Ive been tired forever now it seems like. Please give any advice you can, thank you.
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Hi ! I have the same problem but something bad happened to me when I was a kid, so I guess it is rooted from that time. Anyway, I use Propranolol 10 mg for like 9 years but not everyday, it is so useful. I used to have once everyday when I was 17 and 18. But now I have it when I have a panic attack. It helps me a lot. After half an hour, I can breath normally and all the pain in my chest is gone :) Give it a try, it might be useful for you. Note: I am not a doctor, this is just my personal experience.
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I took my first pill today. Was very nervous to take it. It definitely took away a lot of the panicky symptoms but my mind still was always racing. Kind of at my breaking point. And I have no idea how to self cope. I feel like it's ruining my relationship of 6 years because now I can't do anything.
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Hello there!  I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time!

The propanolol may indeed be helpful, it may be something you have to take every day in order for it to be most effective.  I take 40mg daily, but for my BP.  I have been on it in the past too, for heart murmur symptoms, and it was always helpful for my anxiety as well (kind of a bonus!)

Let me ask you, have you, or are you in any kind of therapy?  If not, I strongly recommend that, preferably CBT.  Medications can be effective in controlling the SYMPTOMS of anxiety and panic, but it's the therapy that makes the biggest impact.  It teaches us how to think differently (dismissing the "what if" thinking) and it changes the way we react, therefore, even though most of us still will suffer from SOME level of anxiety, we cope much better when it rears its ugly head, and instead of getting ourselves worked up into a frenzy, we're able to squash it.

Definitely give the Inderal some time, and if you're not already, get into therapy, the sooner, the better.  Update us on how you're doing okay?  Hang in there!
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