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Panic Attacks

I would like to know, when you have a panic attack and your thinking your having a heart attack. What does it mean if the pain lingers for 18-24 hrs at a doll stage.
Symp: Wokup at 3:30 or 4:00 am, under my left arm I had pain on the side of my chest , hot, sweating, heart pounding, wanting to vomit. I felt week in my legs.
I had panic atack before, but this was in the middle of the night.  Need the know what is the difference between a heart attack and panic attack. It seem the same too me from what I'm reading.  My left side still has a doll pain.  I was feeling pretty stupid, when by wife suggested it was a panic attack.  I have suffered from Depression and its under control, but these panic attack.  Where do they steam from?  I have to get these under control.
Sorry for the spelling.
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hiya a panic attack can mimic a heart attack, millions of people have been to the hospital with these symptoms only to be diagnosed with a panic attack, if you are really worried it wont hurt to get your self checked out, i personally have had theses symptoms in the past and its really frightening but i have had my heart checked out etc. i truly think you would actually know if it was definatly a real heart attack,
as for were these attacks stem from? god knows i haven got the answer, mine can jus come out the blue or can occur if im dreadin doin somethin or goin somewere, maybe a trip to the doctor to discuss your symptoms and try to get them sorted out is a good idea
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hey thr same here i thought i was dying. i smoke pot and cigarettes and i thought i was having a heart attack im only 20 years old so i guess a heart attack is silly but it hurts breathing sometimes like when i take a deep breath it hurts. hopefully you get everything worked out.
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