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Panic Disorder After Brain Surgery

I suffered 2 brain haemorrages due to an aneurysm which was subsequently sucessfully clipped with no side effects.  8 months later I suffered what was believed to be a panic attack, symptoms were tingling down arms and legs, difficult breathing, general feelings of extreme fear that I was dying - I collapsed on reaching hospital. (neurological causes and epilepsy were ruled out). I had several subsequent attacks which began to dissipate over a period of about a year.  A doctor diagnosed me with panic disorder due directly due to the trauma of the aneurysm.  Although I could understand the reasons for having this problem I guess I wasnt really convinced, as I am a very objective and logical person and couldnt really associate myself with such a disorder. Three and a half years after the surgery I had an angiography which showed that all was well - I was ecstatic! A month later I was driving and felt a sort of heart flutter, immediately I felt like I was passing out from the neck up and had to pull over.  A psychiatrist and a doctor both exclamed, hmm that dosent sound like panic.  Needless to say the following day I had lots of heart related symptoms which were investigated with nothing significant found.  Since then I have suffered continual panic attacks 2 months in total (If thats what they are), the doc has now prescribed me with zispin (only 8 days in so feel like a total zombie).  I have had one episode while on these drugs but am hoping this will do the trick.  I am also waiting on the results of a 24 hr urine test for excess adrenalin.  Im still not 100% convinced its panic, have you any ideas or advice please???
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My mother also had 2 brain hemorrhages and then a successful clip.  She is suffering from panic attacks and seizures (we think)...she is getting ready to go to an epilepsy center for 3 days for continuous EEG monitoring.  How are you doing?  Do you ever get treatment that helped?  Was it the bleeding of the aneurysm that they think triggered the panic attacks?  Where was your aneurysm located? My mother's was in her medial carotid artery.  
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I was also diagnosed with three aneurysms three years ago.  Mine did not burst but I had to have one of the coiled and they are monitoring the others.  When I read your story I couldn't believe how similar your symptoms are to mine.  After surgery I went back to work and thought everything was fine.  I was driving into work one morning and had these weird sensation luckily I was able to pull over.  My entire body was vibrating, heart was racing and felt OK this is it Im dying.  I was able to call ambulance after a few minutes and was taken to hospital.  They did a scan and everything looked ok.  I have had two other incidents since then and it is so scary.  They never figured out what the incidents where and told me they were severe panic attacks.  Because of this I am anxious when I have to drive or when I am alone.  Always afraid I will have an attack.  I now suffer from severe anxiety and am not sure what the answer is.  I have tried many types of medication but nothing seems to work.  I have low blood pressure vertigo and chronic migraines so the medications I have tried have just made me feel worse. I used to be such an outgoing person and now I am afraid to leave my home and have withdrawn from people because I find just communicating is exhausting.  The stress has caused me to lose words when talking to someone, I've lost focus and the ability to think clearly.  Not sure what the answer is
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