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Panic atack and anxiety, or anxiety atack...is there any specific difference??

I have been a long sufferer of anxiety and sometimes panic, I was wondering if there really is any distintion between these two, i mean, i have read some articules on the internet which is everybody's source, but i still cant after a deeper thought find a specific difference, is it the intensity? the time they last? the symptoms?? I am working currently and certainly i have crisis when i am on the bus, either at the bus stop or inside the bus on the way home, I work with high voltages and in the heights many times, but i dont feel uncomfortably because of it, actually i like it a lot. I have tried all these years to find a reasonable answer for the anxiety, so far i cant find it. 'Chemical imbalance' seems to be the general answer. I hope they find some more in the future about it.
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major difference between the two, anxiety can last over a longer period of time, usually with thoughts before the anxiety increased. but Panic (not always, but most of the time) seems to come on sudden and more intense and last for a shorter duration then Panic, as for the differences and the "chemical imbalance" good to educate yourself, but do not allow your education of anxiety and panic interfer with your working on the issues that are causing these symtoms. I say this because to many people seem to waste time wondering why is this happening over working on the issues and getting life back on track.

as for your "work" glad you like that , I am scared of heights, but that is NORMAL anxiety it rarely interfers with my everyday life, as for your working with high voltage, better you then me. glad you like that LOL, as for the bus , now that is the situation you need to work on , hopefully you are seeing a Dr. because this seems to be your mode of transportaion and  part of your everyday life, hense the problem, I see your "log on name" are you on this med? are you seeing a dr. ?
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Hi there

Good question you bring up. I wondered that myself soemtimes bc I have anxiety & panic disorder. Some days I just have very high anxiety other days I can feel fine and then WAM panic attack out of know where! Other times i have that lingerign anxiety in which i feel a rush of panic but can stop it from going into a full blow attack. I pretty much classify my Panic attacks as the more extreme sudden intense ones. Anxiety runs in my family on my fathers side so for me it is also a chemical imbalance. I had years where it was bad and years where it was very manageable almost none at all. Recently its back and very uncomfortable.  I too have tried to figure out why I have these attacks but my therapist has said to me that since it is in my case a chemical imbalance it doesnt matter why I just need to learn to deal and live with them.
Are you seeking help for your attacks?

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hi there, thanks for posting. I have been with OCD for 11 years, so all these times it has had different levels, and as usual i have symptoms of ocd, depression, sometimes anxiety and sometimes panic, and the physsiological answer of the body is what really *****, besides the state of mind when you are anxius, etc.. yeah i am currently using the bus as a transport to the office, i can drive a car by myself, around the city, and i do pretty well, but about the bus,... there is something about it only my subconcius knows what it is, i used to take clonazemap, 2 mgs a day, i take luvox and valproic acid, and the dr recommended klonopin 'in case of anxiety',... clonazepam is effective, the thing is that i dont know why it is effective, sometimes clonazepam makes you feel, 'relaxed', nos exactly 'realxed' but,... i dont know... i would like to take no more clonazepam anyway... it helps me alot though and it did in the past when i was younger and the crisis were stronger...
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could be wrong on this one, but think I know what it is as it use to be and still is sometimes my issues ( I never have to take the bus or trolly) I live in San Diego, but when I did take it, it's more of not being in control, I can't get off or stop when I WANT TO. versus in my car I can stop, get out and anytime.
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Hi, i was walking downtown towards the bus stop, it was cloudy, usually i am nervous at downtown because it is usually crowded and i was by myself, today i did not have considerable anxiety, very strange, usually i feel even a little bit, i was quite relaxed there today, i even felt like stopping by in some stores to buy something, i didnt because i didnt want to spend much money hehe, i just took the bus and came back home.

Trying to understand the exact causes of anxiety is good, but extremely difficult, i mean, even scientist are still on that, but we know by empirical knowledge how to deal with those things, as i said before,it is incredible why the mind reacts to some things in one way and another way to others, the irrationality of panick attacks and ansiety is sometimes extremely irrational hehe.
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Hey klonopin

I cant agree with your last paragraph more!
Kudos to you for feeling ok & relaxed today going downtown. thats great!
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