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Panic attacks/ Anxiety ...Need help

Hi all, Ive been going through a lot in my life and ive also had panic attacks going all the way back to when i was a kid. So bad a few times i got hives all over my body. Started when i was about 11 yrs old. Off and on through the years but now its really really bad.  What i wanted to ask is when i get to a place were i cannot avoid contact with a few people, like a party, out to eat with friends, between my town and another(in the country), Meetings were i cannot leave and there are many people inside, i start to feel pulled down/back like my soul is being ripped out. My lungs start to feel heavy and the feel of restriction and smokey. I start to panic big time and have to do everything i can not to get up and leave to spoil the fun or interrupt the meetings ect ect. After awhile when i start to calm down it fades. I have no other symptoms. And i become so tired after i have these. Im 48 years old now. And i feel im just to old for all this mess. MY son leaves for bootcamp next week. Id rate my work stress at a 8 out of 10. I work night shift and i never see my wife. I dont sleep well and this is all coming down on me it seems. But i wanted to ask about my symptoms and see if anyone knows or has had them like me.  Thanks for your time. God bless....
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hi shawn, looks like were going thru the same stuff, i just  put up a post it hasnt been aswered yet but anyways im 41 and have anxiety disorder my whole life i got help for it 20 yrs aago and was doing great til about 6 mos ago and now im having these crazy panic attacks,ive been to the hospital like 5  or 6 times everytime with the same symptoms but some differences but all really bad and i think im having a heart attack or some other life threatening illness and it ends up being a panic attack, people can have so many different symptoms and all are horrible my new one is all my muscles tighten up might stomach tightens up my chest also it feel like someones sitting on it, i feel like trembling under my skin and a reallly weird feeling in my head it actually feels like im gonna have a seizure im still not sure if maybe i will, and when it settles down finally i feel soooo weak and shaky, and it usually happen of and on for the rest of the day, so what im trying to say is panic and anxiety causes all kinds of crazy things to happen to your body, your mind can do crazy things, i know its hard , its been really hard for me to deaal with cuz i have so many other things happening so hang in there and if you want to chat we can
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Hi KC...Thanks for the reply. Im on my way to see the doctor right after i type this. This will be my 1st trip to see on about this problem. Ive had enough. The spells i get are just to tuff to handle on my own. Yes, lets chat. ill look for you later today or tonight. Again, thanks for helping me.
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its not fun thats for sure good luck
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