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Panic attacks again

Hello again,i have the same problem again when wake up heart goes like crazy,and feel like have digestive problems
,i'm on cipralex 20mg for anxiety disorder ocd,,the only think that calm is xanax i make all the exams
cardiologist ,bllod tests al normal...this think happens usualy when wake up ...
what can be ??? :((
any help will b eappreciated ty :))
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You may want to try post on the Heart Rhythm Community.  If you do, and for here too, what do you mean by "crazy"?  Is you heart rate too high, can you give a number in beats-per-second?   Is the heart rate irregular, do the beats feel like they have different strengths.(pounding)?  Other feelings you can describe?

Emotions can cause the heart rhythm to behave badly.  In this case the heart isn't the problem.  
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thanks for quick reply   :)) i feel strange when wake up like cant breath,like have digestive problems and feel bad ,like die  
,make electrocardiograph ,blood test and all was normal ...
why this can happen :((
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Hi there.  Do you see a therapist or psychologist for the anxiety, ocd and panic?  That is so helpful in determining the specifics of panic attacks.  I would talk to your prescribing physician as your medication may need to be adjusted or changed.  

It's a horrible feeling, panic attacks.  I'm so sorry you are having this occurance.  Talk to your doctor.  peace and luck
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thanks for reply :)),i would go to visit him and see what tell me  
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Sounds like a good plan.  Let us know the outcome and lots of luck to you!
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