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Panic attacks everyday and pregnant

I am 12 weeks preg and i was previously on zoloft 75mg for panic disoder but when i found out i was pregnant (not planed with an IDU in place) had to get off inmedialty at like around 5 weeks, ever since my anxiaty has been horrible, im really concerned with this, it seems to never go away like 24/7 everyday, i feel so terrified, what if this panic causes something else, or harms the baby, i had such a bad panic attack 2 days ago while driving that had to take half of .25 xanax and it made me feel so guilty. Also i have muscle twitches everywhere, all over my body and im really worried what can that be?
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I am so sorry you are going through the anxiety. I was on Paxil with all three of my pregnancies as there is no way that I could have done it without medication. None of my babies had any issues with me being on it whatsoever. Please however avoid the xanax while pregnant as it is not a safe drug at all.
You need to see your doctor or even Obs and tell them how you are feeling. Coming off the meds right away was probably very harsh to your system and you are likely having withdrawals as well as anxiety.
Good Luck, congratulations and I hope everything works out and you feel better
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Let me ease your mind a little. When I found out I was pregnant (was not planned) I panicked so much a week fater I found out I started having heart palpitations. I had them constantly for most of my pregnancy. My GYM told me that the stress does not affect the baby and not worry about it. He told me no matter how deep into depression even you would be he/she would be OK. So don't worry about the baby from that point of view. DO however check with your doctor on what you can take for your anxiety. I am sure there are meds you can use and are safer on the baby. Good luck and try to stay calm, which I know uis not easy. I had a long 9 months too, but all is well.
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Oh, and as far as your muscle twitches...it's your anxiety. As long as they don't come wth falls or stumbling all the time...nothing neurological, just anxiety. I've had them for months, they just started going away.
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