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Panic attacks that make you feel like you're dieing?

This doesn't happen very often but occasionally I'll get overwhelming panic attacks that basically feels like you are about to have a heart attack or a stroke. I haven't had one in a few months but I just had one the other day and it was the worst and scariest one I've ever had.
I first noticed my arm was a little numb in the car but I thought it was just in a weird position but then my energy levels dropped a bit later and when I finally got out of my car I could feel both my arms were tingling and slightly numb and my breathing was very labored. I've had a similar attack before but it never made my arms numb or my breath that labored. I tried very hard to stay calm and not hyperventilate. Sitting down did very little and I felt like I was going to pass out the whole time. The attack finally passed about 30 to 45 minutes later.

I've asked a few people about this and nobody has ever had a panic attack like i have them. I'm starting to think it might be something more than just a panic attack? It's never made my arms feel numb before.

I do drink coffee but only half a cup a day, I'm not on any medications, I have been diagnosed with depression although I do think it's gotten better through the years without medications, I try to eat pretty healthy and am fairly active, I'm not diabetic I know that for sure, I am only 20 years old.

Does anyone have any ideas why I have panic attacks like these?
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You over-analyzed your body which is natural when you think you are dying. For instance, it is highly unlikely that you went numb or your breathing was labored.
Likely all the "symptoms" you noticed were psychosomatic because of the fear allowing your imagination to get the better of your reasoning. Again, very natural when you think you are dying.

The secret to peace is to accept that there is nothing wrong and stop analyzing your body, but if you can't, perhaps therapy will help.
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We can't diagnose you over the internet.  If you think you might have a health problem, start with your primary care physician.  Lots of things can make you feel symptoms.  Anxiety attacks are caused by anxiety cresting, so you feel anxious.  You seem to be saying here that you get physical symptoms, and then you panic.  It could be anxiety attacks, but to find out you have to eliminate all other possible causes.  If they are anxiety attacks, you're at the age when mental disorders do show themselves for most people, so if that's what it turns out to be the best possibility of being I would try to find a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment and get on top of it.  Depression, by the way, is perhaps the major cause of anxiety -- they tend to go hand in hand with many people.  It's pretty easy to see why -- depression is a sign of feeling not in control, of insecurity, and if you feel insecure long enough it can lead to anxiety.  Now, control in life isn't actually something that can be achieved, but most of us believe it exists and that gets us through.  When we lose that, anxiety is what replaces it.  Getting on top of it sooner rather than later is the best thing to do.  But you first have to eliminate physiological causes so you know what you're dealing with.  
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