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Panic attacks vs. heart attack

Okay so I have suffered from panic attacks since December 1997.  About 5 years ago I had a full work up because my doc thought I might have mitro valve prolapse.  Turned out everything was okay -- no mvp and my heart was a-okay.  So why then do I feel so crummy half the time?  For example.  I have had some chest discomfort here and there, for about 5 months now, generally when I am laying down and stretch or roll over.  The other day it hit me so hard I called my dad to soothe me.  I mean I am 33.  How can I have a heart attack, right?  I got calm pretty soon there after and chalked it up to the fact that I must have pulled a muscle.  But today. I have dull ache in the upper left side of my chest, I feel like I have had heart burn all day and my left shoulder hurts.  Can panic attacks lead to heart attacks in young people or am just going through the stupid cycle of the fear and then the panic over and over again??  I hate going to the doc cause I feel like a hypochondriac and not to mention getting ekgs and all are expensive!!!  

Can someone please tell me I am not crazy, not having heart probs and that it is just the stupid anxiety!?!?!?  Thanks.
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Panic attacks can lead you to THINK you are having a heart attack.  Panic never killed anybody.  Just keep telling yourself this.  Believe me, I spent THOUSANDS of dollars in Dec. and Jan. doing the EKGs, chest x-rays, echo dopplars, holtor monitors, etc. etc. all to show that my heart is totally healthy.
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hiya i have chest pains more or less every day 24/7 but i do have health anxiety and a massive fear of having a "dodgy heart" the fact that when your dad soothed you and the symptoms eased off should tell you its anxiety cause otherwise they would have stayed and gotten worse (im 32 and i still need soothin and re-assurin!) if you really feel there is something maybe you should get checked out again to be sure but i think if the symptoms disappear then your fine cause no amount of soothin could stop a heart attack :-)

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My anxiety originally had come from concerns with my heart and in my opinion, if the doctors say you are okay, trust their judgement and diagnosis.  Three years ago, I thought I had a heart problem and had extensive workups which turned out okay.  I did not think that it was possible for this to be the result of anxiety.  Only when I accepted that it could be, did I start to learn and break free of this cycle.  Through understanding, by talking with a great therapist, I learned the reason why I think the way I do; and knowledge is power when dealing with something like this.  Keep us posted.
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