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Panick/anxiety disorder

So I suffer from panic attacks and generalized anxiety. Often when I get panic attacks they occur for no reason I can identify. Other times it seems to be health related..if I feel a strange sensation I start thinking something is wrong with me which causes a full blown panic attack. Even though logically I know I have experienced these attacks before and ended up being okay, each time i think "what if" there really is something wrong this time??? Especially when I feel like I can't breathe, it makes me extremely scared that I will actually stop breathing.
It is also weird to me because certain situations that may cause "normal" people anxiety (such as tests etc) don't cause me too much anxiety, but my panic attacks just come randomly for "no real reason" which is frustrating since I can't figure out the trigger (although health is the case sometimes)
I was wondering if anyone has similar situations as me and if there is any advice you could offer?
Thank you!
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I have the same exalt problem that you have. It is scarey too. My will attach me just about every day. Especially with me being gluten intorance because if i eat foods with gluten in it it causes me to swell and then i cannot breath and i will panic. I have medcine i take to help but i will still panic the whole time till i get some releif from the blotten. My heart rate is going up and down and that scares me also. I coild go on with alot of issues o have but i will stop here.
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