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Paralyzed by fear

I was wondering if anyone else has had the experience of having anxiety so bad they felt like they couldn't move or talk?
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Yes! You are not alone, Amy. The word I have used to describe it when it's happened to me is "paralyzed." it feels so scary but if you can keep telling yourself that Feelings aren't Facts until you can get in with a doctor, there is tremendous help for living without that feeling. This could be a number of things, all of which will pass when you get some help: anxiety, its cousin depression, panic disorder, etc.
Please reach out to friends right now and get that appt.! No need to live one more day needlessly feeling this awful. [of course if you feel worse before your appointment or think you might want to hurt yourself please call 911 immediately]. I know you can do this, Amy!!!
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I already went to the doctor and started a new medication. It was just a weird experience for me, and it has never happened to me before. I just wondered if it was a common thing for people to experience with severe anxiety.....I am not glad that you have experienced it too, but it does make me feel a little less weird and confused that I am not the only that has.
I actually have several diagnosis' but this specific thing happened with an episode of social anxiety which I am actually not diagnosed with, but after this whole experience that might change.
I was actually able to sit down in a restaurant and eat dinner after starting my new medication, so I know it is helping. It is such an improvement from basically not leaving my house for 2-3 weeks, and not going to any public place at all.
Thank you so much for your response!
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hi amy. i have great fear and dont leave my house for months. i dont know why. i feel scared. i feel a pit in my gut so to speak. even if the phone rings or the door bell i dont answer and i experience fear sometimes dread. i have lost interest in everything. and i think i may have come on to it might be my thyroid.i just joined this sight today, and am a computer idiot sort of. so i hope i can find this post again. like i will submit my response to you. but dont know how to get back to see your response.i just want you to know i understand. i dont like to wake up to face each day cause i know it will repeat iself. so i see i am not alone.
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So does anyone know if there is a term or name for this sort of thing? The feeling of not being able to move or talk, but not necessarily an actual paralysis?
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I think our minds and bodies freeze with fear. I understand and know what you're talking about. I do believe many of us here that have anxiety have been through this at one time, if not many times. I'm really glad to hear you're doing better on your meds.
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Yay! Okay sounds like the med is doing something. That was a big step eating out at a restaurant. Impressive. Thanks for explaining your situation more. I've heard these episodes refered to as a panic attack, anxiety attack, or having an episode of Major Depression.

Honestly, I think there are A LOT of people with Anxiety Disorders and they just hide it, are embarrassed to talk about it, or self-medicate (alcohol, drugs,etc). I think it's great that you are willing to talk about it and find help.

And, to answer your other question, yes, the episode you described is common. You might want to Google "Panic Disorder" and see if it even describes you. Agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house) might be something
Worth checking out! Please keep in touch!
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I remember having some stage fright anxiety in 2nd grade when they use to have us read out loud to the class. I don't remember having any anxiety again until I was in high school, but I didn't even know it was anxiety at the time. I have had anxiety off on and on for years though. It seems the last 4 years all my symptoms have gotten worse though. So I am getting new symptoms with the more severe anxiety that I have never had before. I have become so dysfunctional I have had to get on disability. I really think it would be good for me to have a therapist to help me understand everything that is going on with me, but unfortunately I cannot get one right now due to lack of medical insurance. I am in the process of applying but wont receive coverage until July.
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Yes, they do take their time with the insurance. I agree with you. I think seeing a therapist would really help with your anxiety.
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