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Paroxetine/ seroxat

Hi i was just wondering if anybody on here has any experience with the above?
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Yeah -- only take this or Effexor if you've tried absolutely everything else first and it didn't work.  Very hard to stop taking, and once you're on it, it just seems to be stronger in its affinity for neurotransmitters making other meds harder to work if you have to stop taking it.  Start elsewhere.
Ive tried sertraline, fluoxetine and citalopram but no good :( im at the end of my tether with my post natal anxiety
Post-partum depression is a hormonal imbalance, and no antidepressant will change that.  You might feel better, but then you're on an antidepressant, and they have their own problems.  Because these meds have different effects on different individuals, nobody can tell you how you'll experience it -- their experience won't necessarily have any resemblance to yours.  Paxil is known for a lot of weight gain, being almost impossible to quit taking, and for making it hard to try something else once you've been on it.  But for many it's the best thing they've ever found.  You just never know.  Personally, I'd go see a practitioner of integrated medicine or a naturopath, as they tend to be better with hormonal problems than regular docs and see if you can't get back into balance.  Good luck.
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Thank you. I just dont know what to do for the best but i cant go on like this with these horribke intrusive thoughts
Have you ever tried meditation?  It helps you accept your thinking rather than be frightened by it, when it works, and it works best for newbies to it.  Worth a try.  
No i havent tbh but im willing to try anything tbh
Do you think citalopram would be better?
If you think medication is necessary, Lexapro (a newer version of citalopram) and Prozac are supposedly the easiest to take.  Prozac is the easiest to stop taking, but can be stimulating so isn't necessarily the best for anxiety, but if it works, it is, again, probably the safest and is usually where psychiatrists used to start if you got to the ssri class of meds.  Lexapro is usually second.  But this is on reputation, and doesn't mean it will apply to you, but that's where I'd start.  
I tried prozac a few weeks ago and it was awful. I shall see about the other as reading what people have put about paroxetine has put me off. May try cotalopram again as ive used it before and know that the side effects arent as bad for me
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