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Paxil & Weight gain

I have been on Paxil for 8 months for panic attacks and the weight gain is getting so hard to deal with. I've decided to go off of it.  Can anyone tell me if they lost the weight easily after going of it. Or possible suggest another anti anxiety med that doesn't have this particular side effect.
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Hello!  I gained nearly 25 pounds on Paxil and it all dropped off within 2mos of stopping it.  I'm not sure, but I think Wellbutrin is one of the AD's that don't cause weight gain, but it is also very stimulating so might not be a good choice unless your anxiety is secondary to depression.   I tried it once and it made me feel totally hyper.  I only took it a couple of days.  

Unfortunately, weight gain is a side effect of most AD's and it's hard to avoid.

Best of luck to you.....
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I recently was put on Paxil and can't believe how much it has helped my serve anxiety attacks. The down fall is that I have noticed that I am gaining weight. My personal experience with the medication is that it seems to increase my appetite. Maybe because I deprived myself because of my depression or that it may release the chemicals I lack to balance my behavior on a day to day basis. I believe the most important thing to come to terms with is getting help, it takes a lot of courage! Especially for me and now I am glad that I reached out for the proper care by seeking a psychiatris verses self medicating myself without the supervision of a professional. My point is I could have never come to this point of being able to write this post without medication. I would rather put myself on a diet that is being supervised by my primary doctor who recommended I see my psychiatrist. Don't misunderstand me, losing weight takes discipline but so does taking your medication as directed.
Thanks for sharing and to all that read this, don't give up.
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I was on Paxil and gained almost 40lbs! I lost some of it. I went on Effexor and did not have any weight gain, and no side effects. That was the other reason I came off Paxil...too many side effects.
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