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Paxil & fentanyl

I've been taking 20mgs of paxil and my psycholigist wanted me to stop after taking it for month. I've been taking 25 mcgs fentanyl  for a month now i'm trying to go cold turkey, but i've been on paxil before and had no problem with withdraws maybe cuz it was only ten mgs.  The symptons never afected me this way . It could be the fentanyl as well but i was'nt as bad before I started these. It ***** id rather go through it now then being stuck on meds you can never get off of cuz your tolerance for the drug will only increase in doseage. then the addiction! It's a vicious cycle. Your damned if you do your damned if you don't. I call them band -aids. Maybe for a few they help but when you want off look out. Anyone with help ease the symtoms?
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You haven't listed any symptoms, and psychologists don't do meds, psychiatrists do, so this is confusing.  More information will help.  And this cold turkey stuff, why put yourself through that?  Taper, taper, taper.  By the way, Paxil doesn't require increased dosages to work, though it can stop working at some point.
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Fentanyl is an opioid-agonist and therefore you WILL experience withdrawal problems if you go cold turkey with this one. Are you trying to quit both meds at the same time or just Paxil?(sorry, I didn't get it).

There might be some subtle interaction between the two drugs that somehow makes it more difficult to quit Paxil this time.
Listen to Paxiled. Taper.

Good luck,

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