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Paxil and weight gain?

Hi,  I was taking Paxil for anxiety several years ago and in my dreams I was learning how to fly. Started out low and wobbley and by the time I quit taking Paxil I was flying in the treetops and much more steady.  This reflected in my real life with the feeling I could accomplish anything. The problem was, I was also taking clomipromine for ocd. The side effects were so bad, including tremors, forgetfulness, studdering and a LOT of weight gain, I ended up just quitting everything.  I am thinking about going back on Paxil, but I haven't lost the weight from the first time and don't want to gain anymore. Does anyone know if the paxil causes weight gain? Any input will be highly appreciated.
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Based on my experience, and experience of others I know, Paxil does cause weight gain.  I gained 20 lbs. while on Paxil but luckily, I lost it pretty quickly after I finally tapered off.  I have two friends who also gained weight on Paxil.

I've had a better time with Zoloft, but naturally it's up to you and your dr. to determine what is best for you since OCD is also a factor.
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I took Paxil for a year and gained 25 lbs.
I was off meds for 2 years and now take Cymbalta.
I have been on Cymbalta for 2 months and have no weight gain.
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Thank you for your comments.  I think I'll check into these other meds.  
Wish me luck that one of them will make me fly again.
Thanx again
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i was on paxil for 2 years and i gained weight then i was switched to zoloft and i have to say that i did better on paxil and if i dont start feeling better soon i am going back on it yea i dont wanna gain weight but i want to feel normal again so i might have to go on a stinkin diet but i think it would be worth it
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I am not sure why I am the one in a million person, but I have lost weight while on Paxil. I have on been taking it for 8 weeks and already I have lost 10 pounds. This is a huge problem for me because I only weighed 125 before and at 5'7 I look pretty scary. I feel soooo much better but for some reason I have absolutely no appetite. I would have loved to gain weight. Has anyone had a similar problem?
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i too gained weight, but switched to paxil(the only other one i could tolerate) and lost weight..it was a bit like cocaine, tons of energy. now it's 20 years later, it's hard to get off(i quit for 4 weeks without weaning), and when i restarted it was a nightmare for 3 weeks, till there was enough in my system(the pharmacy said suicidal ideation is normal when you start to retake it or any antidepressant(right away)
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Lots of these meds are notorious for causing weight gain.  My Dr put me on wellbutrin to offset the weight stuff.  If you go on wellbutrin website, you can read side effects and the most common are loss of appetite and weight loss.  Ask you Dr about it...maybe it will help if your MD decides it is a good option for you!  Good luck
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Why Paxil? I used Xanax and Rivotril and had no side effects. May be it depends on the manufacturer...I bought from http://www.anxietyonlinepharmacy.com/ and my doctor approved these meds)
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I have been on Paxil for 8 months and gain 30lbs.  I just had a baby 9 months ago and after having her I lost 30lbs.  Started on Paxil and gain all the weight back.  I am so hurt.
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omg, yes paxil is the worst weight gainer. i had weighed 116 before i had gotten pregnant with my son. in my ninth month i weighed in at 158. well, now my son is turning 3 in may and i`ve been on the paxil since having him. on and off starting 40mg, then 20mg, then 10, and now i`m trying to get off. anyway, i have the biggest appatite on paxil! sweets, junk food, everything in sight! paxil is wonderful for weight gain! i just eat and eat and eat. i wasn`t that bad in the first place. i weighed in at 128lbs at 5`2 3 months after having my son! now he`s barely 3 and i weigh 204lbs!!! gone from a size 2 to a 14/16. ha, my maternity clothes don`t even fit! i was always a decent size but now i feel like an overweight cow! stay off paxil unless you want to look like a sumo wrestler! my mother also took paxil for about a yrear and put on about 20lbs! the worst drug ever! it may make you calm but you are also left with no emotions. i felt like robot on it and just acted like a machine. wk, clean, take care of baby ect.... no fun, no emotions. still had the panic attacks occasionally and probs falling asllep. could also not get up in the morning... ahhhh, neway, now i`m going through withdrawl symptoms and it`s terrible. i throw up, so so tired, head spiing, so much muscle weakness and pain, fall asleep and can`t wake up( not good with a 3yr old!), feel sad and angry, almost feel like i`m going insane half the time, weird and crazy dreams, ect ect.
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My biggest problem with Paxil is it makes me crave alcohol.   I wake up in the morning wanting to drink..

I lost weight at first...but put most of back on and I eat so littel.
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Yeah, I gained a lot on Paxil without changing my eating a bit, and I exercised a lot.  You just have to balance the costs and benefits.  The drinking craving is odd, though -- haven't heard that one.  Weird meds.  
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Hello all,

I have a weird situation with Paxil.  I was on 10 miligrams for about 8 years, I have tapered down to 1 miligram over the past year and a half, but I gained about 25 lbs since I started tapering.  Does anyone know if this has to do with the Paxil taper?  

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i  have been on paxil for 11 yrs when i first started taking it i lost weight 6 mths later i got pregnant took it during the pregnancy went  from 115pds to 198 a mth early delivery...the minute i  had my daughter i lost 50 pds...it has been 9 yrs and im up to 270 paxil causes extreme weight gain but it helps me live a somewht normal life i have tried lexapro,wellbuterin it was not good for me..paxil is wht works for me i have agoraphobia,panic disorder and for 10 yrs with no medication i suffered a living hell and was pretty much house bound.paxil is a lifesaver but icant gain anymore weight i have diabetes now high cholesterol,sleep apnea,i can barely walk  do to degenerative disk desease and the weight is killing me..my doctor says im in a catch 22 ...so my insights on paxil...wonderful for these problems but terrible for weight gain...my expierence
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