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Personal Challenges with work issues

Hi all,

I'm at a crossroad in life and I need some advice. I don't know if many people will be able to relate to this but I've been seeking advice from other relevant boards, however this is the first time that I'm seeking advice on a business advice board. Pls read and drop a thought if you can.

For many years I ran my business from home* despite job offers from local companies, and I was buying products in bulk and distributing to wholesellers. This ran well but of recent it has been struggling and it has been causing me a lot of worry.

As luck would have it, I just got offered the opportunity to represent a foreign company's business activities. I have no experience in the industry they work in, however they claim that my greatest value would be in meeting the buyers on a day-to-day basis, that it would involve a lot of socializing, that I would be on the road constantly, that it would be stressful, and that I would learn on the job and eventually build my own customer base. The reason I got offered this is because the person who offered it to me knew that I was struggling in my current business, but has also said that there are no hard feelings if I decline the offer as he has spoken to others as well. However it is not a job, it is an opportunity to work on a self-employed basis representing them.

Now read this:
* Important to know: I ran my business from home due to a challenging medical condition that causes frequent difficulties in walking and embarassing difficulties when it comes to lavatory (yes, loo) usage. I know that I'm not being very clear on my challenging circumstance but the embarassing side of it is that you may wonder where I've been for the last 20 minutes, not knowing that I only went to pee ;) ...and this happens every two hours and no treatments have worked. For the difficulties in walking, treatments are there but unhealthy circumstances and stressful situations can make it worse.

I do not want to reveal to the company that I have a medical condition (as the company is not employing me, plus they have other ready candidates to represent them) but also I do not want to accept something that will be more than I can handle. I know other people in this business and I see the distances they travel, the lengths they sit in peoples' offices, the socializing they do,, the stress they talk about, and I've always felt that this is a lifestyle that doesn't suit me.

What would you do or what advice can you offer?
Thanks very much in advance.
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