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[Pharmacy question] Nardil - Injectable???

So nardil is a great medication for social anxiety disorder, however I'm too afraid to take it in pill form because of the dietary restrictions it imposes. I was wondering if I can get a pharmacist to convert my pill prescription into an injectable dosage so that the medication bypasses my gut.
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How do you know it's a great med for you if you are too afraid to take it?  Have you tried SSRI's?
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I have tried prozac, lexapro, zoloft, and wellbutrin. They did absolutely nothing for my social anxiety disorder. There's no guarantee nardil will work either, but the literature suggests it is the best medication for my disorder.

I'm too afraid to take the pill form, but would gladly take it injected.
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Mao inhibitors are really last ditch efforts.  Are you taking Klonopin or any other anti-anxiety med?  Have you tried any tricyclics like amitriptiline?  Have you tried Buspar?  I tried a lot of SSRI's and finally landed on Celexa and it has helped alot.  I know you don't want to keep trying drugs that don't work, but I would exhaust other alternatives before deciding on Nardil.  As you said it is  quite restrictive.  I'm not sure injecting it would solve the interaction issues.  Talk to your doctor and let him know your fears.  Are you seeing any kind of psyc doctor.  They tend to be better with meds.  
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An injectable form of Nardil should remove the dietary restrictions since MAO enzymes in the guy and small intestine would be preserved, however drug interactions would remain.

I understand nardil is a last resort, but I feel that is where I am. I have no tried tricyclics but I have tried benzodiazepines such as xanax and klonopin as well as beta blockers such as propranolol.
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