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Physical causes for anxiety?

I have a feeling of anxiety virtually every waking moment.  the feelings usually start first with physical sysptoms, including Symptoms I experience includ a "fluttery"feeling throughout my body, feeling faint, very tired, fast heart rate, often blured vision,extreme thirst and hunger.  I had my thyroid tested a few years ago, but it came out normal.  I don't have any specific fears, it just starts with the physical symptoms then goes from there.  could there be some physical cause?
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I have the same symptoms.  It usually happens to me when I wake up in the morning.  I know exactly how you feel about the fluttering feeling, as it is hard to describe.  My heart races and I get fluttering in my heart as well. I went to a cardiologist because of the heart issue and had several tests, including a heart monitor and everything was normal.  He thinks its anxiety and has prescribed xanax.,  I hate taking medication, so I try to avoid taking the xanax.  I take it from time to time when things get really difficult and it does help.  I hate feeling this way.  Good Luck
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There are many many physical symptoms of anxiety.  If you check our archives, you will get a feeling for how anxiety can masquerade as well almost any physical ailment.

I have had the fluttery feeling (I call it inside trembling) usually worse in the morning.  Also the feeling I was going to faint.  It happened today.  I got over it.  My GP tested me for thyroid problems, but I am fine.

Just want you to know you are not alone.  I have taken medication for my condition for years and function well.  For me, the anti anxiety is a base: I have to make choices to do what I can.  If anxiety is a disorder, you are never really free of it, but it may come and go.  It is worse for me when I have lots of unstructured time, or when I have more stress than I can handle.

We are not doctors, and always remind anyone posting here that a medical exam to rule out a physical problem is the first thing to do.  After that, a doctor who specializes in anxiety is your best ally.

Good luck!
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I am having the same anxiety problems.  I have always had a problems with drugs...trying to stop.  Lately I have been on opiates...and at night I can't sleep...I think about stuff and my heart starts racing.  I hate where I am at and don't know what to do.  I feel it's anxiety related...but I just don't know what to do.  Kind of freaked out.
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Although anxiety can cause your symptoms,t I would re-visit the thyroid.  Don't get tested by your GP, go to an Endocrinologist.   I went for over a year telling my GP that I had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism having 3 tests done and  all coming back "normal.  Then he told me that he was referring me to an Endo because they are able to perform a more "advanced" test than he could.  I saw the Endo and I do have hypothyroidism and take medication for it.  You're better off going to a specailist with some things. Take care.
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There are several possible physiological causes for anxiety and depression, and should always be ruled out first.  Now, they don't usually end up being the cause, but they could be, and some are very hard for docs to find.  There are a group of psychiatrists who call themselves functional physicians, and before they get into any psychological diagnosis they act like physicians and rule out the most likely possible physiological causes.  It's expensive, and not usually covered by insurance, so that's a problem.  A few years ago I read about one of them, and the estimate they use is that 10% of their cases are physiologically based.  Most common causes listed were thyroid, blood sugar, other hormonal imbalances, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic yeast overgrowth, and certain hard to find infections.  Of course, most of these have a collection of symptoms, not just anxiety, but you're not off-base in eliminating these as possibilities.  Your PCP will be hard to convince to do all of this testing in the detail it requires, because they're the gatekeepers for the insurance system and try to hold down doing unnecessary testing.  So it's usually done by people who don't take insurance.  I haven't been able to afford it for that reason, but if you can, it might be worth it.
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I forgot to list food and chemical allergies and sensitivities, another possibility, especially with children but also with adults.  Most common culprits are simple dairy and wheat.
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Like you my anxiety is worse when I have unstructured time or am under heavy stress.
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i have those symptoms, but I still think people have panic attacks because of an issue they are forcing their mind to not deal with. so until you figure that out, and it could be anything...do soul searching, no meds will stop panic attacks forever. but they sure do seem to help...and then creep in and stab you in the back if you use them as an answer for anxiety. just my opinion.
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