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Please Can anyone help Me! Panic Attacks!

Hi, i am 23 years old + have started sufferin panic attacks! I First had one about 5 years ago and i thought i was going to die. It was the worst feeling ever. I never had 1 again until about 3 months ago but for this past week they are happening all the time with no trigger + always in the evening. I can be sitting watching tele + all of a sudden get a pain in the back of my head, my heart starts racing + i can feel the panic in the pit of my stomach which makes me feel the need to go to the toilet. Other symtoms i get when having these panic attacks are: Sweaty palms, racing heart that feels like its going to beat out of my chest or i im going to have a heart attack, shivering, feeling sick, feeling of losing control, feeling that i am mentally losing it, head pain, strange + awful thoughts that i cant control. Its like a rush of panic that starts in my stomach + rushs up to my head. Its so intense! I have a Beautiful 2 year old son + this is completely ruining my life. Im scared of having them that its always on my mind. Im sorry this is so long but i am desperate for some help! Please can someone help me. I dont want to live like this anymore.
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I can totally relate to you. I had a panic attack a little over 5 years ago and then none until May of this year. I am 26 and have 3 beautiful children under 6 years old. This is totally talking over my life. My husband lost his job because I was unable to take care of the kids withough feeling like I was going crazy everyday. It is awful to go through. Basically what everyone says is try therapy to learn coping skills and retrain your thoughts.(By the way I get the scary awful thoughts too) Another thing is antidepressants which haven't help me.They only make me worse. Also benzo's like valium,xanax ativan,klonopin etc can be prescribed as needed on a regular basis but they are addictive. I'm so sorry you are going through this terrible disorder but hope you can get some relief somewhere. Have you been to the doctor about it yet?
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i know this sounds awful but its such a relief to here that other people experience this aswell, even though i would'nt wish it on anyone + that im not alone. I have a doctors appointment 2moro but don't want any medication as i have heard they can make it worse so i am really hoping they can offer me some alternative help. I only desided to go because they have happened most nights this week, so i am now nervous closing my eyes when i go 2 bed at night incase i get that awful feeling again. i cant live like this, its driving me mad. i really hope i can get some help 2 stop this. thankyou for your post. it is a comfort to know im not alone + going mad :)
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Do not take Xanax, Klonopin, or an SSRI... please.  I am at a mess right now because the DR misdiagnosed me with depression when I was 14, and ever since then I've had nothing but problems and then was put on 4MG of Xanax XR and 3mg of Klonopin while taking an SSRI and things were okay for a bit until I went through with a divorce after my ex-wife cheated on me twice.  I am in a complete funk that I am now having a paradoxical effect from these meds where my anxiety is out of control.  My DR have tried Seroquel for sleep though that made me feel suicidal, and finally realized I need to taper off these meds.  She put me on Adderrall as an Augmenter to pull me out of a depression, and it works but that to comes along with its side effects and then we are going to taper off of this crap.  To be honest I am scared out of my mind, which is why I signed up on here the other day.

-The more you focus on panic attacks and research about it the more you will get them.  Even being on this website gives me high anxiety.  I have been getting 36hrs of anxiety attacks for the past 5 years of my life while being on these meds.  A lot of it was situational, when I left my ex-wife after she cheated on me twice and I finally left. I didn't sleep for over 8 months the first time she cheated and somehow held a full time job and pushed through it after we got back together.  Though when I found out the second time that she was still in contact with the guy I walked out of the house and went through with a divorce.

I cry everyday and throw up from the anxiety attacks.  It's horrible, however they won't kill you even though you feel like you will die.

-If your taking any new vitamins you could be having an allergic reaction to Niacin, as that drug killed me when my DR put me on B-Complex prior to tapering.  I actually was driving and one came one and lost all feelings in my hands and head and didn't know what state I was in.  It took my father 30 minutes to walk me out of it, to where I could even drive back home safely.  

Try to not watch too much Dooms Day Disaster Stuff, or CNN news as a lot of today's pop-culture is very anxiety driven and depressive.  

If you do find one coming on, focus on your breathing and take deep breaths and they will pass faster.  Try some meditating at night before bed.  And exercise is key, it helps out a lot.  Though I do understand, when your having anxiety attacks its very difficult to workout.  I've been pushing through for the past 7 years or more and I'm on meds that are no longer working.  

-If anything take a look at l-theanine, though I have not been able to find it at GNC.

-I use L-Glutamine, even though it is meant for muscle recovery for weight lifters.  "However: key amino acid for intestinal stress and maintaining the immune system. Whenever you are under stress (colds, flu, stress at home or work), you run the risk of your body robbing L glutamine needed for muscle maintenance. Under these circumstances, L glutamine becomes a conditional amino acid, meaning the body can’t make enough on its own to meet the demands of the added stress."

It's helpful to talk with a cognitive therapist, though today's therapists have just keep you reliving in the past and use re-regressive therapy hoping to find the root cause.  There most likely is one, however that method is extremely dangerous and should be done very carefully, if not inpatient.  I've been through it enough, that it doesn't matter much more what the root cause is... it's that I would like to move forward with my life and stop reliving the past.  Find a new hobby, anything to get your mind off of having an anxiety attack.  I know its harder than it sounds, because these things scare the hell out of you.  But please don't take xanax, yes it will help in the beginning, though overtime it becomes a mess and you would look back and say I wish I was never put on this drug.  The same thing with SSRI, TCA, SSNRI's, all these all come with splendid side effects.  

If your living in a cold environment like me (Vermont) you might be getting S.A.D and could try tanning or getting what's known as a Happy Light.  

Always ask about the drug you are taking, as we are completely overly prescribed meds these days for everything... all the way down to restless leg syndrome.  Yup, the commercials are geared for people looking for an instant cure as we live in such a fast paced environment and want to keep moving.  Well, these drugs are addictive and are all very hard to get off of.  Why wouldn't they be, as how else would Rx companies make money if you didn't become dependent on them?  My father used to run one of the largest consumer health care corporations, though he was on the over the counter side and not the Rx side.  Though we still argue about the effects of these meds and whether they are good or bad. or Both.

-Try to stay away from anything addictive, especially if addiction runs in your family.  I never abused these meds, even though I developed alcoholism over time and then stopped drinking.  I don't go to AA, as this approach doesn't work for me.  I don't like to relive the past over and over again.  I just stopped and it was a choice, and yes it is hard, though I felt like I was doomed for life in the rooms of AA, which has a 0% success rate and a very high suicide rate.  Church helped me before, though I fell out of that when I felt like it was a cult as it was a Born Again Christian type church that actually worked restore our marriage in the beginning, though my belief system in preaching the word of fear into someone through the reward system of heaven and hell wore very thin.  I do believe in God, and have spirituality, though I am a moral person not because God told me to be moral, but because I am a kind person with a loving heart and already know the difference between right and wrong and that the world isn't black and white and there is a gray scale in life.

-Wish you well tomorrow.
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Your first step should be is to see a Psychologist to diagnose your symptoms. If med's are necessary to control the symptoms, then you should consider. Sometimes the attacks can get out of control to the point where med's are needed to calm them down. I was on Zoloft for 1 1/2 years after diagnosis and it helped me tremendously. When I became pregnant with my 2nd child, my ob/gyn ordered me to stop the med's and trust me, I was very hestitant and scared...but, until this day, i have not gone back on any med's and that was over 10 years ago. Although, I do get occasional panic attacks, i know how to control them and feel better. In my case, the situations in my life at the time triggered my attacks and they eventually took over my life temporarily. At times, we must change our life style in order to stay healthy. Take one day at a time and seek help before the attacks get worse. God Bless You.
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I am having them too and i am also 23. I get alot of hot, shaky, tingling hands, dizziness, heart racing, nausea. it happens when ever and they are intense panic attacks to the point i have to sit down and rock and cry

they only last a good few minutes then they go away especially if I take my meds.
they gave me 1mg or Lorazepam BUT I only take half every day. sometimes it does help to take them when you feel paniced
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I've been suffering from Panic attacks since i was sixteen. I am now eighteen. The reason you are getting panic attacks more often now is because you are afraid to get a panic attack. The fear of thinking that you will get a panic attack will actually cause you to have one. You are the only person who have control over this. As i am sure you already know panic attacks are harmful. When you suddenly get a panic attack you have no control on stopping it then. Just let it happen. Relax. I know it is easier than done to relax while you panicking, but the instead of trying to block out those sensations welcome them in. I know it sounds crazy. When you get a panic attack just sit there and think about those sensations. Don't let them control you. You need to calm yourself down. When you get a panic attack. Try and breath from your nose. Slowly. Give the panic attack some time to go away. Don't think you are going to die. No one ever died from a panic attack. You are too young to have a heart attack. It is not that. I know it is the a horrifying feeling. Trust me i go through it a lot. That now it just became part of my life, and i am not going to allow it to control me. When i get panic attacks i vomit, get very dizzy, numbness in my hands,jaw, and legs. Chills, heart racing. Thinking that i am going to die. My panic attacks last more than an hour. Just know that you are not alone in this. Right now what is causing your panic attacks if your fear. The only way to overcome the panic attacks is overcoming your fear. So when you get a panic attack. Don't panic. Yes i know what you are thinking. How can i not panic? Just sit there. breath, block awful thoughts. And say to yourself. "I been through this before, nothing happened to me". "calm down". "sensations i can handle you". don't block the symptoms (sensations) rather try and feel them in your body. "This never harmed anyone before". "A lot of people deal with this. I am not alone." Just say those things to yourself when you get a panic attack, or when feeling anxious. Good luck.
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